platinum blonde hair
Image: Xovain

You’ve seen it all over Pinterest—platinum hair is so in. It’s summertime, and tan skin and blonde locks are calling your name. But first, there are some important things to keep in mind before you give in to full-on platinum blonde.

If you consider yourself hair-obsessed already, then you know dying is an addictive hobby. For those of you new to hair coloring, watch out. Changing hair colors can suck you into this pattern of constantly wanting to try the new trend and change up your look. The danger? You may never be satisfied with your hair. Those women who go to the salon and tell their stylist every time, “just the same,” sound boring, but they love their look and they’re proud of it. This is not to say that you shouldn’t color your hair or go platinum, but this is simply a warning sign to not get sucked into the hair-dying vortex. Besides, platinum hair provides a blank canvas to try any color, so it is extra dangerous.

On top of constantly worrying about your hair color, you will never stop looking at your roots and asking for touch-ups. This can be an expensive hobby. Platinum itself requires you to fully color your hair, which is more expensive than a full highlight. You’ll also need to buy more hair products to keep your platinum hair, well, platinum. Color renewing and tone correcting shampoos like this product by John Frieda will keep your hair up to par. A good deep conditioner is essential too in order to repair any damage. Don’t get too worked up about your roots though. The latest trend in platinum styling is to have some of your dark roots showing for a bolder look.

If you go platinum with your hair you are making a bold fashion statement. This means your overall style must be on point, all the time. Wearing sweats? Better make it look fashionable too. Platinum can quickly turn sour if your outfit hints at grunge and trashy, but if you stay on top of your style then you’ll always be catching glances, and we’re talking about the good ones. On the other hand, platinum lends itself to the more edgy, artsy types, so wearing sophisticated, preppy, or conservative outfits don’t really work either. Styling with platinum hair is tricky, but not impossible.

Speaking of getting looks, platinum is not for introverts. You will stand out, and you will probably love it. Someone will always have an opinion about your hair, and someone will always be trying to tell you that you shouldn’t have done it. But, more people will love it, because it’s fabulous.

It will also draw a lot of attention because your face will be radiant. Platinum hair is more likely to make your skin appear tanner, than it is likely to wash out your face. If you have dark brows, you’re in luck. The darker your brows the better when it comes to platinum hair. In order to make the most of this look, you will have to change your makeup. Orange foundation and bronzer will be even more noticeable. Your best bet is to go to a makeup counter and have a professional pick out shades for you. The great news is that red lips and cat eyes look better on platinum blondes than anyone else.

So, give it a try! Now that you know more about the process and consequences, you can refute the arguments of those party-killers who are telling you not to do it.