He means the world to you, that you are certain of. Every day you spend with him is a losing battle because you can physically, mentally and emotionally feel yourself falling for him. You’re sure that this is the kind of love your parents told you stories about.

But if you take off the rose filter and look closer, you’ll notice that there are tiny gaps in the puzzle pieces of the relationship or situationship you’re trying so hard to make come together.

On the surface, it seems like he treats you the way you deserve to be treated. You are no stranger to his friends and sometimes spend more time with his crew than with your own.

You can’t remember a time where you’ve been with someone who listens to what you have to say. But lately, your sweet conversations that used to span hours have ended with him cutting you off and changing the subject to something more his speed.

When you go out for dinner, you can’t tell if he’s looking at you or behind you. Sometimes, it seems like he can’t wait to call it a night no matter how much fun you thought you were both having.

You’ve noticed all of these little things but have subconsciously accepted it because it could be much worse. Hell, you’ve had much worse.

You’ve never fallen this hard before and are afraid of doing anything that will jeopardize the connection you’ve worked so hard to build and protect. Slowly, you feel parts of who you are start to chip away the longer you are with him. But that’s okay because relationships take work, right?

Just because you love him doesn’t mean that you should accept anything less than 100%, period.

The brutal truth is that we are all destined to fall in love with many someones in our lifetime. When we find someone who almost fits exactly what we’ve been looking for, we can let that cloud our judgment. We’ll either settle for less than 100% of that person or be tempted to change him into who we know we’re meant to be with.

But when everything inevitably falls to pieces, because it always does no matter how hard we try, we’ll be left right back where we started. And then what?

You deserve so much more than a maybe.

Romantic comedies will have you believe that romantic love is the most important thing in the world. But it’s not. You are.

You can love someone with everything you have and still not be right for them and vice versa. It’s a fragile, difficult thing for us to accept but it’s inescapable. But when you love and put yourself first, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Who knows? Maybe you’ve found the right guy but the timing isn’t ideal. Maybe you both need to grow apart before you can come together. Whatever the reason, you’ll know when you find your person because all of those maybes will cease to exist.