best full coverage foundation
Image: nizas

The biggest sign that warm weather is coming is the feeling of your foundation slowly dripping down your face. You spent a lot of time beating your face (and posing in your mirror) only for your hard work to be ruined the minute you step outside. Although foundation is a blessing, wearing it can sometimes feel like a nightmare when the weather’s warmer. If you’re tired of your makeup routine going to waste, there are beauty hacks that will stop you from sweating your foundation off.

Before you do anything, making sure that you have the right primer on is crucial. A good primer can make the difference between makeup that lasts all day and makeup that ends up sliding off of your face. Here’s how you can keep your foundation and skin looking sexy regardless of the weather or season.

Apply an even layer of toner

If your skin is super oily, it will be harder to get your foundation to stay put. The solution? Toner. Not only does it combat oily skin, it’ll even the playing field by making your skin the perfect canvas for your foundation. Once you’re done, you can apply your moisturizer and continue with the rest of your beauty routine.

Don’t skip out on primer

Primer is the answer to everything. You already use primer to keep your makeup from moving, so it makes sense that it’s the best way to keep your foundation on. As a bonus, find a primer that contains SPF and will protect your face from those summer rays.

Let your skin cool off

Foundation goes on more smoothly when it’s applied to cool skin. Warm skin tends to absorb makeup faster, which can result in clogged pores. Before you apply your foundation, gently rinse your face in cool water and dry it. You’ll immediately notice a change in how long your makeup lasts.

Use a facial mist to keep your skin hydrated

Summer is coming which means your skin can use some much needed hydration. These are perfect for when you need a refresher but don’t want to wipe off your makeup just yet. Facial mists help keep your makeup in place without the build up of a traditional setting spray.

Don’t layer on too much foundation

The less foundation you have on your face, the less chance you’ll have of sweating it out. Apply foundation as you go and use a concealer stick to cover trouble spots.

Skip the heavy cream and go for a lighter foundation

Wearing light foundation is a great way to combat the hot weather. The best part is that it is harder to spot on your face and still has the same coverage as its more winter friendly counterpart.

Avoid powdered makeup at all costs

Powder foundations will make your skin look uneven and chalky, naturally making it more obvious that you have foundation on. The powder will also cause your pores to clog faster. Instead, stick with cream formulas for a smoother look.