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Kill It This Season With Summer’s 15 Hottest Hair Colors

Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect excuse to play around with new hair colors. With more time spent outside, you might be sensing how limited those dark hair shades can be. Darker hair will naturally brighten in the sun, whether dyed or natural, so now may be the right season to embrace lighter, sun-kissed locks. Below are the hottest hair colors for summer.

Golden flax: This is a layered shade that incorporates honey blonde hues with shots of platinum blonde. It’s perfect for catching that summer sunlight.

Rose gold: Not quite red, not quite gold, this attractive in-between color is great for catching radiant rays of sunshine.

Granny hair highlights: This statement look is perfect for the bright days of summer. A unique way to pull off this look is to have dark peppery hair with bright chunks of white highlights.

Gradual dark blonde: A great look right now is to have dark roots, medium brown hair in the middle of the strands and dark blonde at the end. It should all blend together to look like the hair was naturally bleached in the summer sun as it grew out.

Light brown: A lovely ashy brown is a classic look for summer. It allows you to go darker in your look if you want, but doesn’t look too harsh for summer.

Bright ombre: It’s usually advised to not go too light with an ombre hue or it will look too drastic. But adding a bright ombre at the very ends of dark hair is huge this summer.

Platinum blonde: This summertime classic is perfect if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun. No worries about darker hair color fading.

Dark copper: This highly attractive copper has hints of bright red with subtle tones of ruby throughout. It’s a great way to have bright red hair for summer.

Gold: This lovely high-yellow shade is always a summer classic. It looks great with beach waves for style.

Golden highlights: This trend is perfect for looking like you just got back from the beach and your hair naturally picked up highlights.

Bright red: A natural red-orange henna shade is a great choice for summer. It’s fun, full of color and reflects the sun’s fiery rays in an attractive way.

Chestnut brown: This rich, reddish brown will make it look like you have naturally dark hair that was already lightened in the sun.

Multifaceted blonde: A dark blonde with wispy highlights of honey, platinum and sandy-colored hair is perfect for a sunny summer.

Strawberry blonde ombre: Strawberry blonde is a summer favorite for its bright color. Put a twist on this shade by gradually darkening the red to deep ruby as you go down the hair’s length.

Blue and green highlights: Match those beach tones with deep blue and sea green highlights in blonde hair.