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Korean beauty (or K-beauty) has taken the world by storm over the past few years. Koreans are known for their amazing skin care products and routines, as well as funky makeup brands. Some of the latest beauty crazes are straight from Seoul. You’re likely familiar with the popular 10-step Korean skincare routine, which is fantastic for skin, though it may be a bit time-consuming and product heavy for some (remember to let each product soak fully into the skin if you follow this routine). However, we’ve got six of our favorite, tried-and-true, Korean beauty practices for glowing skin and great makeup, below, so you can choose what works best for you or try something new.

  1. Koreans do not skimp on SPF (or any form of sun protection, really). SPF is not just for faces or when you are at the beach. Your lips, neck, hands, and décolletage all need daily protection, as do other exposed parts (think tops of feet in summer). One to try: Shiseido’s Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector, which can be used all over, absorbs quickly and is small enough to keep in your purse.
  2. Double-cleansing. You might have already been doing this, but now everyone else is doing it with you. You can double-cleanse in a variety of ways (when you are tired, try using your cleansing oil and then a face wipe or micellar water to make life easier), but the preferred way is with oil, followed by a foaming cleanser. This ensures all traces of dirt and makeup are completely removed. Check out the Missha M Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil and the Neogen Cranberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser.
  3. This product is so important to add an extra dose of beneficial ingredients to skin and to rehydrate, and if you aren’t using it already, it can really be the boost that your skincare routine needs. The IOPE Super Vital Softener is great for adding moisture to skin and increasing absorption of an essence, serum, or moisturizer.
  4. Essence or Serum. While not required, these can be used to further target skin issues, such as dark spots or fine lines or wrinkles. In a full K-beauty routine, you would use both (essence first), but choosing just one works as well. The Laneige Water Bank Essence has six minerals to revive dull, tired skin. The HANSKIN Bio Prism Brightening Alpha Serum contains a heavy dose of vitamin C to target hyperpigmentation.
  5. Sheet Masks. Another beauty hack you were probably already using, but the explosion of K-beauty made these easy to find and inexpensive. Sheet masks go beyond just face—there are ones for lips, under eye, hands, and feet as well. Jart+ has a variety of sheet masks, for dark circles, wrinkles, moisturizing, and beyond.
  6. Fun Makeup. Brands like TONYMOLY and Holika Holika have cute packaging and names (I Want Chu Lip Balm, anyone?) and tend to offer vivid colors with great payout.

What are your favorite K-beauty tips and tricks?