lace nails manicure

If you’re looking for a super trendy look that also walks the line between regal and classic, you’ll want to try lace nails. It’s basically where a lace pattern is applied to the nail in one way or another.

The pattern is usually applied with nail stickers, though sometimes the patterns appears to be drawn on by talented artists. If you’re interested in this high-class look, below are some inspiring ways to wear lace nails.

Black Roses

This look features black rose patterns over a nude nail. Over that is a crisscrossing lace pattern.

Lace Tips

Another look is to have an elegant lace pattern just at the tips of the nails. It creates a minimalistic, refined look that’s great for any occasion.

Lace with Rhinestones

Another idea is to place a lace decal over clear faux nails. This helps the lace look like it’s almost free-floating. Then on the lace, add some rhinestones in the center of some of the patterns.

Drawn Lace Pattern

If you’re really artistic, you can draw a lace pattern over a basic nude nail to help it pop. Some added rhinestones also help.

White Lace

Drawing a white lace pattern over a nude base is also a stunning look. A white accent nail helps the white on the other nails look more prominent.

Lace Nude Nails

Another look is to draw a lace pattern at the base of the nail. It’s a fun little accent that goes well over a nude nail to help the lace pattern pop.

Lace with Bright Base

A really attractive idea is to place some lace nail decal stickers over a bright base like mint green.

Burlesque Nails

This look combines dark lace decals, a bright red base and a black accent nail. The overall look is like something an alluring character in “Interview with a Vampire” would wear.

Coordinated Lace

Lace patterns are usually in pristine white or classy black, like real lace, but sometimes a lace pattern works in a brighter color like a shimmery plum.

Lace Accent Nails

Another idea is to have all black nails with some black lace patterned accent nails. The lace patterns sit over clear faux nails.

Black and White Lace

A fun contrasting look is to have some black and some white lace patterns over a nude nail base.