Chocolate-mauve—just the name makes us salivate. Lately we’ve seen a crop of photos combining the ombre hair trend with dark brunette and pink, and we’re totally convinced that “chocolate-mauve” is the baby of the equally on point rose gold trend blowing up celebrity social media.

Here are some of the hottest chocolate-mauve colors this fall, featuring different ways to combine pink, dusty rose, peach, and brunette. We promise you’ll love ’em!

“Traditional” chocolate-mauve

chocolate mauve hair color
Image: Instagram

We use the term “traditional” lightly because there’s really no way you can go wrong with this new trend. At it’s most basic, chocolate-mauve is a dark brown base with highlights extending to the end of your strands just like ombre. This version if probably the most natural and sophisticated style out there.

Subtle mauve with rose gold highlights

chocolate mauve hair color curly hair
Image: Instagram

(This might actually be the same person), but we’re showing you the front side of this do to give you an idea of how you can take a subtle chocolate-mauve and spice it up just a bit with some peachy-pink strands framing the face to spotlight this look.

Dusty rose gold ombre with chocolate-mauve base

dusty rose gold with chocolate mauve hair color
Image: Instagram

Dimension is the word for this chocolate mauve base which morphs into unicorn territory. Starting with her dark brown roots, there is an almost seamless progression of colors ranging from honey blonde, dusty rose, magenta, and peach to create a rose gold effect.

Rich chocolate-mauve with peach accents

chocolate mauve hair color curly hair with peach accents
Image: Instagram

This last one is spicy and fun with the sweetness of the dusty rose gold. The dark brown base grounds the lighter tones and gives it a seriousness, while the peach tips add a pop of fun. From root to tip, this look is a mixture of maturity and youth. Props to the stylist for giving their customer effortless dimension!