Leo Woman

Just like a cat, a Leo woman can be both fierce and cuddly. Therefore, it is very important to know how to act around a woman who is in this sign. Knowing the traits and characteristics of a Leo will be advantageous for having a relationship with her, and for building a business partnership with her.

The fierce Leo woman

Just like the symbol that she bears, a woman of sign tends to be very aggressive as well as confident. She is very fearless, charismatic, and powerful. Therefore, it is common to find a Leo leader that leads her subordinate to success with her power. In addition, she is also optimistic, and she always looks for the good things before looking at the bad things. You have to be ready for when a Leo lady needs more attention. If you do not give her the attention that she needs, you risk her becoming too dramatic about it. You can start giving her attention by simply noticing her when she does something good.

The calm Leo woman

Even though she often appears fierce and strong, there are times when a woman of this sign tends to act calm and sensitive. In fact, the feelings of a Leo are very fragile. Take caution that you do not even try to hurt her feelings unless you want to bring up her dramatic side, which will often make you uncomfortable. The easiest way to treat a Leo woman well is by paying attention to the simple things that she does. This will make her feel appreciated and needed, especially by the person that she loves.

Relationships with a Leo: The good and the bad sides

The combination of positive and negative traits of a Leo woman will make a relationship with her challenging. Any man or woman in a relationship or friendship with her will become more mature because he or she will have to learn how to not take someone’s feelings for granted. They will also have to learn how to give attention to the simple details. Treating a Leo with care will bring the warmth and generosity that she is known for, and will give you the best partner that you could ever ask for.     

How to treat a Leo lady well

You should never command a Leo lady, and you should never try to criticize her directly. She will not take it well, and she will respond negatively. For example, you should never say “Why don’t you cook us some dinner?” Instead, you should say, “Hey, don’t you think it would be fun if we cook dinner together?”