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Winter is all fun and games until it comes in and takes over everything we hold sacred. Our hair, skin and life all become this big ball of dehydration and exhaustion that we didn’t ask for…rude.

But hey, you don’t have to let the winter blues get you down. Don’t worry, I’ve got lots of products to help you stay warm and fuzzy during the winter months. You know we all love new products.

Hair masks

If you haven’t tried a super moisturizing hair mask at least once, I’m just gonna say it, you’re absolutely insane. They do wonders for when your hair just needs a little help in the shine and moisture department. We’ve all been there. One of my favorites is the Unwash Hydrating Masque because it does the job, but doesn’t weigh your hair down. Literally the best of both worlds.

Master the messy bun

Toss your hair in a bun, coffee, gangsta rap, handle it
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When in doubt, throw your hair in a messy bun. That’s basically my life motto. Once you master throwing up that tangled mane in less than a minute, you can conquer the world. Even a hun (half bun) will make your life and your look effortless. Find some tips on perfecting this here.


You probably don’t need to be told this, but girl, moisturize. Nobody likes the look or the feeling of ashy skin—ew. Body butters, body oils, facial oils, facial serums can all do wonders for hydration in your skin all over your body. One of my favorite body butters is the one from Bath and Body Works, it’s so thick and creamy in the perfect way.

As for a facial moisturizer, I can’t recommend the Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-enriched renewal cream (long name, I know) enough. It’s the perfect amount of thickness for a night cream, but it’s not disgusting and greasy. I seriously notice a difference in my skin if I don’t use this stuff.

Winter fashion

I could write endless things here about what pieces are my favorite and why, but I’m just going to keep it simple. Comfy and cute is the way to go. Almost always. You can never go wrong with a chunky sweater, boots and some lipstick. Combining a few of your basic favorite items together is the way to go, especially when it’s disgustingly cold outside. Check out some of my suggestions:

Not only is Cara Loren goals, so is the sweater she is gorgeously rocking.

Is there anything more cozy than a blanket scarf? Nope.

I just can’t hold myself together when it comes to chunky sweaters like this one. So comfortable, cute and glam all at the same time.

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