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Ah, the age old LDR. Questioned and looked down upon, this type of relationship seems impossible right? How can you go weeks without seeing your significant other? How do you know he or she isn’t cheating? How do you not cheat from the endless loneliness? These questions plague those involved with someone special far away, and I’m here to tell you why they are silly and irrelevant.

While there are many reasons long distance relationships can work surprisingly well, the biggest one is that they create something called appreciation. When you finally see your boyfriend/girlfriend after a long time apart, every second with them is precious. You plan out your whole weekend and actually do fun things instead of lying on the couch binge watching Netflix for 6 hours (not that we haven’t all done that). Time is a huge factor for both of you, and you’ll find that you want to take advantage of every waking (and sleeping) minute with each other.


In addition to time, you learn to appreciate your partner as a person and all the sacrifices he/she makes to come spend time with you. It takes a lot to give up countless weekends (and money) during the school year, and you don’t do this for just anyone. The time and effort put in really shows that in a serious situation, neither of you will back out because things get a little hard.

When you are in a long distance relationship, one of the hardest things is being apart for long periods of time. However, with the right mindset you can turn this around and make it work to your advantage. When your significant other isn’t around all the time, you have the luxury of being able to work on yourself as a person. Taking time for yourself is important in any relationship. Each of you can develop your sense of self and understanding of who you are, which will translate positively into your relationship. You can even take this time to master the perfect makeup look for when he finally takes you on that date! When each person involved in the relationship knows his or herself fully, they can then work on their relationship together and build it up from there together. The key is that the two of you grow together—not apart.

I am in no way saying that LDR’s are superior to any other relationship. I am simply explaining why they can and do work! Having the one person you tell everything to live far away can be really challenging. The nights alone and the lack of physical affection can put any relationship to the test. But with the right mindset and intentions, that dreaded LDR can be one of the best things you ever experience.

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