I think it’s safe to say that there are ups and downs surrounding the fact that winter is quickly approaching. There are lots of things we can celebrate—cold nights by the fire, hot chocolate, chunky scarves, celebrating the holidays, and more. However, winter also brings a few annoying things that (not to be dramatic) can honestly ruin my day. Dry skin, brittle hair, pale skin and just ABSOLUTELY FREEZING weather are a few things that I don’t appreciate about the winter months. All of these things combined can create a sort of dissatisfaction with certain areas of life sometimes, I totally get that. So how can we get past how rude winter is?

When it comes to beauty-related things (my specialty), I always try to find a routine that works for me and stick to it. For me, that includes skincare and a beauty regimen that doesn’t take too much time but actually works. As a college student, I don’t have the time or the money to keep up with the latest and most expensive skincare trends or products, so I’ve found it’s best to just stick to what I know works well. Skincare wise, simply taking care of my skin makes me feel so much more confident. My makeup goes on smoother, looks better, and I don’t feel like a dry and cracked desert is living on my face. (I’ve been using the Clinique 3 Step Skincare System lately, and I highly recommend it no matter your skin type).

Another dreaded factor of winter—your tan is gone. While this is totally a first world problem and there are so many other things to be upset about, it is kind of traumatizing when your lightest foundation doesn’t even match you anymore. That’s when you know you’re in need of some self tanning, stat. I try to do this about once a week (if I’m feeling ambitious), that way I can sort of keep the tan up and not let it get too faded. Check here for some of our favorite self tanners, and here for how to apply it without streaks or that gross orange color. A little tan never hurt anyone!

So with all of this being said, you’re never going to look totally perfect, I hate to break it to you. Though it may seem like it, even women like Blake Lively or Beyoncé don’t wake up flawless. The first step to mastering confidence during the cold and isolating winter months is simply accepting yourself. Your skin won’t always be tan and glowy, your hair might get a little frizzy, you might feel like bundling yourself up in bed for six days straight—it’s okay. Embrace your frizzy hair, your pale skin—it might look even better next to some bright red lipstick. Knowing that you’re beautiful despite your leg hair and dry skin is more important than spending the time working yourself haggard to take care of your looks. I’m clearly all about beauty and self-care, but only if it doesn’t get in the way of who you truly are.

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