What’s up, ladies. It’s been awhile, right?

For me, the new year has already brought many changes, but also potential for even more change in my life. You know what that includes? Setting goals. I’ve always kind of rested in the middle of being a major planner and a ‘go with the flow’ type of person. I have things I want to do and become in the future, but sometimes I find it hard to seize the day and figure out how to make those things happen. Adulting is hard.

However, along the way I have acquired a few skills and schools of thought that have really helped me. As cheesy as it sounds, following your dreams doesn’t have to be difficult and scary. No matter how big or small your plans are, you are the only one who can actually achieve them. You are the only thing that is standing in your way. Set those goals and make them happen girl!

Think ahead

Even if whatever you want isn’t that far ahead of you, you have to be thinking one step ahead of yourself. But, remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean envisioning your end result in 10+ years. Think ahead, but also take it one step at a time. Thinking of the bigger picture can be good sometimes, but if you’re going to make real change it might help to go a little slower.

Taking things one step at a time will not only lessen the stress and worry of big changes coming, but also just make life easier. It’s okay if your goals aren’t happening right away – in fact, real goals will take time. Which leads me to my next point…

Be patient

Good things take time. How many cliche sayings can I include in this post? But hey, it’s true. If you’re wanting to move somewhere awesome, get a new job, go to school, or even just change some relationships in your life, it’s not going to happen overnight. Rushing into anything is never good and will most likely not end with you being the happiest you can possibly be.

BUT, work hard

The key here is balancing being patient and attacking your goals. Sitting back and waiting for someone else to do the work for you will not cut it. Know what you want, and go for it. Take that job. Make that move. Date that guy. Put the work in. I promise you will not regret going after what you want, it’s only the rest of your life we’re talking about here.

(If you need some motivation, search “boss babe” on Pinterest. Seriously, do it.)

Don't be so discouraged by your present situation. Figure it out. Make it happen.
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Look at your relationships

This might not seem like it has much of a place in a plan to achieve your goals, but it’s actually super important. The people in your life, whether you know it or not, have a huge influence on what you do and how you do it. If you’re constantly surrounded by people who hold you back, you’ll never get anywhere. You might not even recognize some of the signs in people in your life. If someone or something is not lifting you up and encouraging you in every way, do away with it. I know this seems harsh, but why be around someone who isn’t on your team?

Starve your distractions, feed your focus
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Along with this, minimize your distractions. Whether it’s a person, an activity, or just de-cluttering your mind. Anything that doesn’t point you toward your goal, it has to be gone. If you’re serious about what you want, this should be easy for you.


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