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Skincare is one thing that I hold a passion in my heart for. If I could try every single skincare product out there, trust me I would. But throughout my skincare journey, I have discovered that having healthy skin isn’t as complicated as you might think. Here are the things I do to keep my skin healthy year round.

Never sleep in makeup

This is one of the rules I made for myself that I almost always abide by. Sleeping in makeup is pretty terrible for your skin. Not only does it prevent your skin from breathing and repairing itself all night, it actually leads to extra collagen breakdown which causes wrinkles. Yikes.

Waking up with mascara clouding my eyes and concealer lodged into my pores is enough for me to take the extra 5 minutes at night to wash it off. There is no judgement whatsoever here – we’ve all been guilty of brushing it off and waiting until the morning to remove our makeup. Just don’t make a habit of it.

Moisturize a TON

It’s a given that you follow cleansing with moisturizing. But having the right moisturizer is the key to helping your skin bounce back and look amazing all the time. Keeping your skin moisturized and happy is going to change the way your cells turnover and repair themselves.

Make sure you are using a moisturizer good for your skin type: oily skin needs lotions or gels that aren’t too heavy, combination skin needs something in between, and dry skin needs thicker creams and ointments that will sink deep into the skin. Using ointments (such as Aquaphor) can help your skin fight off environmental stressors, which is something not everyone thinks about. In conclusion, there is no such thing as too much moisture for your skin. It will always thank you. (Check out my favorite moisturizer here, it’s the bomb.)

Drink water

This might be obvious, but have you ever gone a day or two without drinking much water? For me, it sucks. I feel tired and sluggish, and my skin definitely shows that I’m dehydrated. The cure for this? DRINK WATER. If you think you’ve had enough for the day, drink more. One thing I like to do to make myself drink more is put a bunch of fruit in my glass – strawberries and lemon is my favorite. Your skin will notice that you’re hydrating more.

Go makeup-free

Letting your skin breathe for a day or so without makeup will do more good than you think. This one is hard for me. I’m somewhat of a makeup and beauty guru, so not getting ready for the day seems crazy to me. However, if I’m just having a lazy day at home or I only have one class, not wearing makeup is a given. Let your skin breathe. That way, when you apply makeup next your skin will look amazing.

Use face masks

Face masks are superheroes in the skincare world. No matter what your skin concerns are, there is a mask for you. I personally love sheet masks because they’re often very hydrating and they leave my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. I also love charcoal masks because they draw impurities directly out of your skin just by sitting there. About once a week I like to pamper myself with a face mask or two.

While you’re at it, take care of the skin on your lips too. I love using these lip masks to add moisture and life back into my lips (especially after a night out). And they only take 5 minutes to do their magic.

Use self tanner

One of the most obvious ways to make sure your skin is healthy is to keep it out of the sun. Despite this, I’m always seeking out that bronzy glow. How am I supposed to get my skin looking bronze without seriously damaging it? Self-tan.

I have become addicted to trying out every self-tan product I can get my hands on. There are so many to choose from: mousses, lotions, gels, oils and everything in between. Some of my favorites are this gradual tanning lotion and this pre-shower tan. The gradual lotion smells amazing and gives you the best natural glow gradually, while the pre-shower tan is perfect for an impromptu night out. Protect your skin and get tan the safe way!

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