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Alright, here’s the reality: alcohol is bad for your skin. There’s just no getting around it. You can take care of your skin all you want, but loading your body with alcohol will set your skincare progress back no matter what. I’ve searched far and wide for the few cocktails that will lessen this burden for us all, and you can thank me later. For now, run to the store and get all these ingredients in preparation for this weekend’s festivities, in turn saving your skin.

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First of all, let’s explore exactly why it’s important to know what’s in your cocktail of choice. One big thing is the fact that alcohol is dehydrating, which is exactly what your skin doesn’t need. All of your expensive creams and masks become pointless as soon as you down that second drink. In addition, a lot of alcohol contains tons of sugar, which we already know is bad for your skin. It not only leads to inflammation, but it also causes your skin to over-produce oil.

We’ve all sauntered into the bathroom after a night out and seen the horrifying reality that is our skin. Dull, sallow, dehydrated and wrinkly skin has forced itself upon us. However, if you choose your drinks wisely, you can combat this annoying consequence. Here are some ingredients to look for.

Good quality alcohol

One of the biggest tips I can give is quality over quantity. Would you rather drink cheap vodka or have wrinkles when you’re 35? Well made alcohol has less sugar, and is just all around better for you (as much as it can be). Plus, you won’t have as bad of a raging hangover the next day if what you’re drinking isn’t super cheap.


Cucumber is mostly water, so any drink including it will obviously give you a bit more hydration throughout the night. One of my favorite drinks is a cucumber-lime vodka water, and trust me it isn’t as bad as it sounds. I like to buy a cucumber or lime flavored vodka and mix it with water and tons of lime juice and cucumbers. It’s refreshing and delicious, and actually perfect for spring and summer.

Coconut water

Coconut water is clearly hydrating, but the bonus to adding it to your cocktail is that it gives more flavor than regular water. This will probably be easiest to make your own cocktails at home, rather than ordering one out (most bars probably don’t have coconut water on deck).


Grapefruit contains citric acid, which acts as a natural exfoliant for your skin. It also contains tons of vitamins that help to regulate it’s oil production as well as offer anti-aging properties. It tastes good, and is good for your skin, what more could you ask for? Grapefruit margaritas are the most delicious form if you ask me.


Tomatoes are full of skin-loving things, like antioxidants that protect it from sun damage. Bloody Mary anyone? Now you have an excuse (aside from your hangover) to down a deliciously spicy bloody. You’re welcome.


Lemon naturally balances your body’s pH levels, and it’s detoxifying. A lemon drop shot isn’t exactly going to give you these benefits, but a squeeze of lemon juice in any drink will boost your body’s ability to recover just a bit.

Green tea

Green tea is somewhat of a holy grail to us here at Beauty Hacked, so why wouldn’t I include it here? It’s antioxidants are anti-aging, and apparently have all sorts of biological benefits you and I won’t be able to understand. Green tea mixed with vodka and some limes would be a delicious start to your night.

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