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Everyone loves fall. If you don’t, I’m not sure I can be friends with you… alright, I’m kidding. But as soon as late September hits and the leaves begin falling and creating that magic feeling in the air, how can you not be filled with happiness and excitement for what this season is about to bring? Fall is the time for dark lipstick, cuddles, bonfires, and the holidays. What’s not to love?

In my opinion, fall is an inspiring time. The vibrant colors surrounding seemingly everyday mundane things suddenly bring life to the simple. This vibe gives you the perfect opportunity to do a little rearranging in your life. Why not start with the little things? Here are some fun ideas for spicing up your life during the best time of the year.

Buy fall scented everything

I’m usually not one for the sickeningly sweet scents—they usually make me want to vomit (just being honest). But when it comes to anything pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla, or anything similar, it screams fall. The amount of happiness inside me is stupid when I buy a product that creates this feeling. It’s ridiculous I know. Check out some of my favorites.



Candles make me happier than they should. The ambiance they bring to the room the minute they are lit compares to nothing, not to mention they fill the space with the most delicious scents known to man. Bath & Body Works obviously has some of the best, and trust me the splurge is worth it.


I know this seems silly, but using a fall scented soap will instantly pick up your mood after you go to the ladies room. Pumpkin, cinnamon, or anything that screams fall to you will do. Plus, the scent will stick with you like a body spray. Once again, Bath & Body Works takes the cake—check their soaps out.

Play up your makeup

What’s wrong with a few bold colors to match the fall season? Don’t be afraid to go bold. Embrace the changing weather and opportunity to switch it up.

Dark lipstick


Um, hello? Fall is THE time to bust out your dark lipstick. If you want to feel like a new woman, don’t cut your hair. Put on some dark lipstick! Whether you’re wearing just a bit of mascara or a smokey eye, a creamy deep shade will take your look to the next level. And, you don’t need an excuse to be wearing a deep shade, because fall.

Orange tones


These tones can be intimidating to some, but all you have to do is experiment a little. The looks above are a bit bold, so to start small just take a warm brown eyeshadow and sweep it through your crease for a subtle wash of warmth. Then build it up from there to whatever intensity you’re comfortable with. No matter what eye color you have, an orange-ish shade will make it POP. Fall is literally the perfect time to try out these tones. Check out this palette for basically any color you will ever need to create a look like this.

Go on more adventures

With fall comes lots of seasonal events that you can’t miss. As cheesy as it may sound, find some fun things to do like going to a pumpkin patch, a haunted house, an apple orchard or even just a chilly hike. As simple as these things are, they allow you to get outside and appreciate the natural beauty of the autumn season. Lastly, here is a photo of some kittens with pumpkins to make you happy cry because it’s fall—and because, kittens.

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

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