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Dry skin has plagued me for as long as I can remember. One second I’m enjoying a nice steamy shower, but the next second my skin feels so tight and flaky that it’s going to fall off. Oil has (thankfully) never really been a problem for me, but that means I have to deal with the endless lack of comfort that comes with dry skin. Sigh.

If I stick to a routine and whip my skin into shape, the dryness doesn’t even phase me. I found a few things that keep my dry skin in check, and if you suffer like me, you’re going to want to hear this.


Getting the dead skin off your body is the first step to not feeling like you’re shedding your outer layer at all times. I usually use an exfoliating glove or a loofah in the shower, but you could also use a body scrub if you’re feeling luxurious. Scrub gently so that everything you put on your skin afterwards has a clean slate to sink into.

Moisturize often

This is obvious, but even I get lazy sometimes and don’t feel like applying moisturizer after a long day. But trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t. I ALWAYS moisturize after I shower, but I also try to get into the habit of doing it each night even if I don’t shower. Replenishing your skin’s hydration is important, even if you don’t feel dry. You’ll wake up each morning feeling like a smooth goddess.

Use dewy foundations

Nothing is worse than applying a mattifying foundation on top of dry flaky skin. Unless you majorly prep your skin before you use it, a mattifying foundation will only call attention to your dry patches and make your skin look super blotchy. Use a more moisturizing foundation or bb cream that won’t sink into your skin and make you look 10 years older.

Discover Argan oil

Don’t be afraid to use oil on your face. I know, it can be scary. But it works. Here’s what I like to do: mix about 2-3 drops of the oil in with my moisturizer only at night. You could use it during the day, but for me it’s a bit too greasy to put foundation on top of. Whatever floats your boat. But if you do it at night, trust me, you’ll wake up with the softest face ever.

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