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I usually have the hardest time packing for any type of travel. I almost always overpack, it’s a problem I have. My thought process is: Oh I might wear this, I need to have options! No, Lauren, no.

I’ve found, however, that if I take some time to pack smart, it greatly improves whatever trip I’m taking. I feel more organized, I have everything I need, and I don’t have to worry about anything else but having fun. Here’s how I pack for a fun weekend getaway.

Utilize multi-use items

Whether it’s clothing or makeup, there are so many products out there that can be used for countless things. Let’s start with clothes.

Depending on where you’re traveling to, you might need a sweater or some kind of jacket. I usually bring at least one leather jacket, either black or a lighter tan, because it will literally go with everything. Aside from that, bring some casual sweaters and jackets in neutral colors that will work over many different items. If the place you’re going is super hot, bring a few casual and neutral tank tops you can pair with lots of different pairs of pants. In addition to jackets, shoes can either be a huge space saver or ruiner. Take a look at what outfits you’re bringing, and only bring shoes you can wear with multiple looks. Usually I go with one pair of flats/sandals, tennis shoes, and some neutral heels/wedges. You’ll thank yourself.

When it comes to makeup, multi-use products are going to be your best friend while you’re on a trip. Sift through your makeup collection and decide what you’re really going to use, not just what you might use. Click here to find some of our favorite multi-use products to pack.

Lay everything out

When I’m packing, I literally lay out the outfits as I decide to bring them. One pair of pants to a few shirts, dresses and shoes, and undergarments clutter up my entire bed. But doing this helps immensely to cut down on the “just in case” items I might want to bring, but won’t actually need.

Think about your destination

What will be available to you when you arrive? If you’re staying in a hotel, it will most likely have a blow dryer, so there is no need to pack your bulky one. If you’re really trying to save room, hotels obviously have shampoo, conditioner and body wash for you to use as well.

Prepare for weather changes

Just because your iPhone forecast says no rain and sunny skies doesn’t mean the worst won’t happen. Pack a few extra things just in case it gets a little chilly (or extremely hot) so that you’re not stuck with nothing to wear.

Pack a killer carry-on

If you’re flying, your carry-on bag has a lot riding on it. What if your luggage gets lost? What if somehow your clothes get wet or ruined? Pack a few essentials (like bathing suits, 1 pair of pants, a few light shirts, toiletries) just in case. Nothing can ruin your vacation faster than not having any of your belongings.

Bring a dirty clothes bag

Separating your clean and dirty clothes while living out of your suitcase can be a challenge. Bring a medium sized trash bag to throw your definitely dirty clothes in as you go. Then, at the end of your trip, carefully fold those dirty clothes and place them into the bag to put in your suitcase. This will save your life when you get home.


I always bring too much eyeshadow, as if I’m going to do a different look each day. That never happens. Find one palette that has everything you need – matte shades, neutral shades, shimmer shades, and deep shades. With these, you can create just about any look from just one small palette. My personal favorite is the Tartelette in Bloom palette.

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