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During a concert is when I feel the most alive. Dancing to great music for hours on end with friends simply cannot be beat, in my humble opinion. Concerts are also the perfect opportunity to play up your beauty routine and try a look that’s a little more daring than usual.

I’ve spent some time rounding up my concert beauty essentials, A.K.A. the products I can’t go to a concert without wearing or bringing with me.

Primer & setting spray

This might go without saying, but when doing your makeup for a concert you want to make sure it lasts all night. This means choosing a really good primer and setting spray to use before and after your makeup. I love using illuminating primers almost always, because often they become tacky after you apply them (which means your foundation will really stick to it). My personal favorite is this one by Japonesque, but any primer that works with your skin will do. As for setting spray, I love this one by Pixi because it hydrates your face while it prolongs your makeup. Yes please.

Glitter/shimmery eyeshadow

What’s a concert without some fun makeup? I live for shimmery eyeshadow, it always seems to brighten up my overall makeup look. I don’t always go for glitter, but if you do I highly recommend using a good glitter primer to make sure it doesn’t end up all over your face throughout the night. You might even want to use a glitter primer if the shadow you’re using has a lot of fall out. One of my all-time favorite metallic eyeshadows is this one from L’oreal. Seriously, you have to try it.

Flash tattoos

Nothing screams fun concert like flash tattoos all over your body. These are temporary metallic tattoos that come in just about every shape and size you can think of. My personal favorite way to wear them is as a band around my arms, or a fun design on my chest.

Body shimmer/bronzer

With all the flashing lights and music going on, why not let your skin catch a little shimmer? Using a body shimmer or bronzer will play up your concert look that much more. Whether it’s a shimmer lotion, body oil or powder illuminator , place it on your shoulders, chest and collar bone for a gorgeous glow.

The perfect bag

Bringing the perfect bag along will honestly make or break your concert experience. You want something that’s big enough to hold everything you need, but also not so big as to where it will drive you nuts the whole night. Something medium-small in size will do, and you know better than me the type of purse that will be perfect for you.


As annoying as it is, we sweat during concerts. A lot. No one wants to be next to that smelly girl who is dripping with sweat. Bring a mini size of deodorant if it’ll fit in your purse in case of an emergency.

Makeup touch-ups

Even though you used a killer setting spray, you still may need to touch up a little. Blotting powder, eyeliner, lipstick/chap stick and some bronzer should all fit into your purse nicely to fix any makeup mishaps that happen during the night.

Mini perfume

While you’re freshening up, you can’t go wrong with a tiny spritz of some perfume. Just make sure not to overdue it, as you’ll probably be in close quarters with lots of other people wearing some sort of perfume as well.

Makeup wipes

Find a small pack of makeup wipes to bring along in your bag just in case you need to wipe some lipstick or mascara off somewhere it shouldn’t be. You’ll thank yourself later.

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