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These days, it’s almost trendy to have the latest skincare and spa night items sitting pretty on your vanity ready for use. But for me, this form of self care is essential. I pretty much can’t live without a little pampering at least once a week.

Throughout my 22 years, I have come up with what I think is the perfect collection of items for the best spa night you will ever experience. No, I’m not a professional, but I sure know how to relax. Here are my essential items for a luxurious spa night.

Face mask

Skincare is the main thing I focus on when I’m trying to pamper myself. When you take care of your skin regularly, the rest of your life basically falls into place. I usually prefer sheet masks because they make my skin feel soft and hydrated, but sometimes I like to do a charcoal mask to rid my skin of blackheads and other impurities. After cleansing, I keep the mask on for about 15-20 minutes, then gently rinse it off.

After the mask I follow up with my usual nighttime skincare, which includes serum, facial oil, moisturizer and under-eye cream. Going to bed with all of my skincare done is one of the few things in this world that gives me pure joy. So healthy, so glowy.

Nail care

Now that my skin is feeling good, it’s time to get my nails on point. I like to take my time to paint my nails because it makes them last 1000 times longer when I do. I start by trimming them, then filing them down to the shape I want. I attempt to push my cuticles back, but honestly sometimes I’m even too lazy to do this – oh well. Then I go in with a base coat of a clear polish. This prevents your nails from turning a gross color after you take the polish off, something I’ve experienced many times. Then I finish off the colored polish with another clear coat – my favorite is this one. My nails usually last over a week until they start chipping!

Quality lotion

Usually I shower at the beginning of my spa nights, which means I’ll be moisturizing my body afterwards. My skin is extremely dry, so it’s hard for me to skip this step. I love the Curel body lotion because it contains ingredients that won’t further dry out my skin like some other lotions do. I also like this EOS lotion, mostly because it smells absolutely delicious.

Hair mask

While I’m in the shower, I love using a super rich hair mask (like this one). When I get out, it’s a breeze to brush through my hair, and it smells amazing for the next 24 hours. The softness and shine I wake up with the next morning is something I will never get over.

Self tanner

I don’t self tan every spa night, simply because it requires a few different steps. If I have an event coming up, or I just want to look bronze and pretty, I’ll skip the lotion after my shower and slather myself with tanning mousse. The annoying thing is that you have to wait for it to dry before you put clothes on and crawl into bed, but the result is worth it. Also, if I self tan, I don’t do my full skincare routine. I can get away with putting the tanner on my face, so I just mix the mousse with a bit of lotion so my skin doesn’t get too dry. Find my best tips for self tanning here.

Essential oils

A huge part of spa night for me is the environment in which I am pampering myself. I light candles, turn on my pretty lights, and of course turn on my essential oil diffuser. My personal favorite is lavender, but I also use eucalyptus or peppermint when I’m feeling sick. This makes your room smell like a legit spa. Find tons of uses for essential oils here.

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