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If you’re still in school, it’s that time of year again – sprang breaaaaaak. Some see this glorious week off of school as a refresh and reset for the remaining semester, but for me it’s always been a tease for summer. I’m ready for warm days free from studying and stress.

However, as a college student sometimes it’s hard to come up with the funds to be able to do something remotely fun over spring break. I’ve got a few tips to help you plan your spring break trip and be able to afford all the fun things you want to do.

Stay with a friend

If you’re planning a trip to a beach or some type of tropical destination, this might not be possible. BUT, if you’re going to a city or somewhere  you know someone, ask them if you can crash there for a few nights. Not having to pay for a hotel will save you so much money, and it can’t hurt to ask.

If staying with a friend isn’t an option, book your hotel or airbnb in advance. Websites like Hotwire allow you to find hotels in the area you’re looking to visit for super cheap. All it takes is a little planning.

Bring your student ID

You’d be surprised at how many places will give you discounts just by showing them that you’re a student. Not only does this work for retail stores, but some restaurants and entertainment activities too. Find a great list of places that offer discounts here.

Eat breakfast at home

Paying for every meal is going to add up fast, so grab a few groceries as soon as you arrive so that you can save a little dough. One good rule is to eat breakfast in your room before you head out for the day, but if that doesn’t work just try to eat at least one meal at home a day. Planning ahead like this will save you a ton of money to do other fun things you will remember more than just one meal.


If you’re planning on drinking during your trip, don’t wait until you arrive to purchase alcohol. Especially if you’re going to a beach somewhere, the prices of alcohol will be almost doubled. Bring a few of your favorites so you don’t have to splurge on something that will be gone in one night.

Pack light

This is always a challenge for me. I always pack every item of clothing I’ve ever owned thinking I’ll wear it all, which never happens. It helps to go through each day and think about what you realistically are going to wear. Think about morning, afternoon and night – and don’t forget to check the weather. Pack ONLY what you’ll need, and try to cut that down to even less. Have only a few of you bring blow dryers (or don’t at all if you’re staying in a hotel), share clothes, alcohol, and anything else you can.

Keeping this in mind though, make sure you do pack what you need. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination and realizing that you forgot something important.

Bring an emergency fund

As fun as spring break can be, you never know what’s going to happen. You don’t want to be stuck with no money if any kind of emergency happens, so stash a wad of cash somewhere safe that you can pull out at a moment’s notice. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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