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“You look like you got some sun…”

We’ve all heard this. Yes, I know, I dropped the ball and didn’t put as much sunscreen on as I should have. I take full responsibility for it, okay? Next thing I know, I wake up the next morning with my skin feeling like it’s on fire. Ugh.

Not only is it important to treat your skin after lots of sun because you want the pain to go away, you also want to prevent aging. The sun damages your skin and causes wrinkles/age spots like nothing else can. Prevention (sunscreen or staying out of the sun altogether) is the only way to truly stop the aging process, but sometimes the inevitable happens and we get a nasty burn.. it happens to the best of us.

This has happened to me way too many times. Sorry mom. However, I have a few tips to help both you and myself take care of sunburned skin after a long day outside.

Drink water

Basically any skin concern you have can be cleared up by drinking tons of water. But specifically with sunburns, your skin is obviously super damaged and dehydrated after facing the sun with little to no protection for hours. Drinking water will help your skin bounce back faster, and heal better.

Use aloe

Aloe is a miracle worker for your skin, especially after a sunburn. You can use a lotion that is infused with aloe, aloe vera gel, or a straight up aloe plant. Not only will aloe cool your fiery burn, it will soothe your skin and prevent peeling. Gross.

Take a pain reliever

When you have a bad sunburn, your skin is inflamed. Taking something like Ibuprofen or Advil will take the edge off of the pain from making any move at all.

Body butter

Now that you’ve treated the actual burn, all of your skin probably needs a big drink. Using a super thick body butter will coat your skin in the moisture it needs, and maintain it. My favorite is this Treets Traditions Body Cream, it smells AMAZING and it leaves your skin feeling truly moisturized and soft for literally hours. Perfect for a sunburn.

Stop touching your skin

Sometimes sun damaged skin is itchy and uncomfortable. Don’t touch it. Itching and rubbing will only cause more damage and it will take much longer to heal. Try wearing loose clothing and keeping your skin moisturized to prevent extra itchiness.

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