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I know we’ve all been in the situation where we don’t have enough time to get ready, but have to be somewhere soon – and look good. Whether you’ve been at work all day or running errands, you’ve got basically no time to touch up, let alone change clothes. We’ve all been there.

Taking your look from day to night isn’t as easy as it seems, but I’ve got a few tricks that will help the process along and get you looking fab in no time.

Wear black

Planning ahead is crucial here. If you know you won’t have time to get home before the night starts, wear something simple and black that can easily transition into a nighttime look. A cotton black dress, black jeans with a simple top, and a black skirt are all simple pieces that can be dressed up or down in a second. The color black is obviously perfect for nighttime, so all you have to do is change a few components of the look and you’re set.

Bring a makeup bag

Unless you’re an angel sent down from heaven, your makeup probably isn’t going to look as great at 6 p.m. as it did this morning. It’s probably faded, creasing, and looking a little worn out. Bring a small bag with your essentials so you can quickly touch up in the bathroom before you head out. Powder, bronzer, mascara, and a little lipstick is all you’ll need.

If you’re planning on going out on the town, bring a couple extra things so you can create a bit more of a smoky look. Some darker neutral eyeshadow swept through your crease with some winged eyeliner is all you need to transform your look into nighttime.

Do a neutral eye

In the morning, applying minimal makeup is going to be ideal, but keep it neutral. Mascara and eyeshadow (optional) will be perfect for daytime, but also easy to darken up in the evening. Bringing color into the look will be easier later, so stick to neutrals during the day.

Use a makeup setting spray

This step is super important to ensure your makeup doesn’t look too much like a creasy mess later in the day. When you first apply your makeup, make sure to use a good primer and a setting spray when the look is complete. This will ensure the base of your makeup like foundation and concealer don’t budge too much throughout the day.

Wear jeans

Like I said before, black is definitely the way to go to change your look for nighttime, but jeans are also a good option. Whether they’re black, blue denim or grey, any neutral color will be easy to pair other things with on the fly. Plus, jeans are obviously casual enough to throw on for day time.

Dry shampoo

Even if you showered in the morning, your hair might be a bit greasy and lacking volume. Throw some dry shampoo in your bag or your car so you have the option to revive your hair if necessary. Plus, it’ll make you smell fresh.

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