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“Are you here alone?”

IDK about you, but spending some quality time with me, myself and I is one of my favorite things to do. Eating dinner, running errands and watching Netflix are all things I am completely content with doing alone. However, not everyone can agree with me here – sometimes it’s hard to spend extended amounts of time by yourself if you’re not naturally introverted. It’s normal for humans to crave connection.

But being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Here are just a few reasons why you don’t have to avoid it, and why it could actually be good for you.

You can use the time to better yourself

Believe it or not, being alone doesn’t mean you have to waste your time finding plans or wishing you were with someone else. If you use your time wisely, you can put yourself ahead of the game. This is the best time to do all those things you’ve had on your list for a while now – face masking, cooking a nice dinner, going to that workout class that kills you but makes you feel great after, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do, but do it with intention and make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

It can give you a chance to put your phone down

We’re all guilty of being on our phones a bit too often, me included. Getting away from all screens is the perfect way to soak up your self-care and alone time. Staring at Instagram and texting constantly can distract you from the things you wanted to accomplish in a day, and it can create a really unhealthy habit. Just put it down. Turn on “do not disturb” for even just an hour and let your mind breathe.

Being selfish isn’t always bad

When you put yourself first while planning your day, you get to make all the decisions about where you invest your time. No more falling second to what your friends want to do. It’s okay to make your own decisions and say no. At least once a week, plan out a date night with yourself. It sounds dumb, but planning to cook dinner, take a bath and read your favorite book (all alone) can be really exciting, and it can make your whole week. Be selfish.

Being alone can get you in the right headspace

Sometimes when you’re surrounded by people all day every day without a second to breath to yourself, it’s hard to stay in the right mindset. You can easily lose your sense of self and what you’re really here to do. Spending a few hours alone can give you time to think and reset your mind.

Don’t be afraid to indulge

Similar to being selfish, indulging in things you love is a super important part of being a human. What’s the point of life if it doesn’t include wine and lipstick? Seriously, do a few small things for yourself each day. Have that glass of wine, buy that lipstick, take the long way home so you can listen to that song. Treat yo’self.

A few things to do alone:

Eat a meal out, go shopping or run errands, go on a hike, attend a workout class. Just try it once, and I promise you won’t regret it.

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