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I don’t remember exactly when the obsession began – it must have been late middle school or early high school. That was when Youtube became a place where women (and men) came together to talk about makeup and everything beauty. Pretty soon, these people became sort of famous. Now they partner with brands, get sent PR packages (basically boxes of makeup every girl wishes she could receive on a daily basis), go on trips with reputable makeup brands, collaborate to make their own makeup items, and so many more glamorous things. Why can’t we all live this life?

So, I want to share with you my top favorite “gurus” that I watch consistently on Youtube. They’re basically my role models. Enjoy, and I apologize in advance if I have only further fed your addiction.

Jamie Paige

Jamie is quickly becoming my favorite girl to watch. I like her because I feel like she truly cares about her channel, and she makes an effort to upload videos that people want to see, and will actually learn something from. She’s just awesome.

Find her channel here.

Mariah Leonard

I love Mariah because she’s so good at explaining and teaching the technical side of makeup. Not sure how to perfect a specific type of look (like a cut crease, strobing, etc.)? Check out Mariah.

Find her channel here.


Kathleen is one of my favorites for so many reasons. Number one – she’s hilarious. I always click on her videos no matter what they’re about, simply because I just love her personality. I also trust her judgement when it comes to the quality of products. She’s honest – which goes a long way in the beauty community. AND she has her own nail polish line! How cool.

Find her channel here.

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn is someone that pretty much everyone on Youtube loves. She’s been around for years, and she always has the best recommendations for products you need. Not to mention, she has some pretty great collaborations with brands like Morphe and Becca.

Find her channel here.

Casey Holmes

Casey has the best tutorials and reviews. She’ll dedicate an entire video to one product so she can tell you her honest and thorough opinion of it. Go to her if you need some inspiration.

Find her channel here.

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