lilac hair

If you’ve always wanted a fashion color, but the world of neon orange, electric blue, wild green or fire engine red always seemed a little daunting, you’ll love lilac hair. It gets a bit of a fun fashion color look into the hair, but the shade itself complements and accents rather than dominates. And there are styles that make it even more subtle. So below are some of the top subtle ways to wear lilac hair.

Pastel metallic

This look runs on the subtle side in that it has shades of silver mixed into subtle tones of lilac. It’s placed all throughout the hair for a stunning metallic look.

Subtle color melt

This places lilac tones farther down on the strands. The lilac starts subtly above the ears and goes stronger the farther down the strands you go.

Chunky highlights

Another idea is chunky lilac highlights. That way the lilac color accents without dominating.

Wispy highlights framing the face

This look puts wispy highlights of bright lilac on both sides of the face. Again, it’s a fun way to get in a light fashion color without going overboard.

Faint lilac in platinum hair

For this look, you’ll find the faintest lilac highlights in platinum blonde hair. It’s a great way to add a fashion color accent.

Lilac lob

This look puts highlights of bright lilac into a lob haircut. A lilac highlight runs through the front of side-swept bangs and the style ends in lilac tips.

Lilac under lights

If you really want to be stealthy about it, you can highlight just an under layer of hair in lilac. Wear your hair up to show the lilac shade and down to hide it.

Faded lilac highlights on medium blonde

This look puts wispy highlights of the lightest lilac all throughout the hair. It works best in medium blonde shades, since the lilac will blend into the darker hue for a more subtle look.

Lilac tips

A great idea is to just dip dye the ends of the hair in a lilac shade. Then if you need to hide it, you can tie your hair into a bun.

Faded lilac lob

This look is like the lob above, but it takes an even more subtle path. The ends of the hair around the shoulders are the subtlest hint of dark, faded lilac. There’s no highlighting going on with this look, and it sits under platinum blonde hair.

Smokey lilac on dark hair

A good way to make fashion colors subtle is to put muted shades over dark hair. This darker shade of lilac looks great as a color melt against dark brown hair.