Multicolored Hair isolated over white background. Shiny Healthy colored hair lock closeup, Colorful Dyed hair, pastel colors
Image: Subbotina Anna / Shutterstock

If you were a child of the ‘90s, you may remember Lisa Frank artwork that was plastered all over folders, binders, pencil cases and the like. The products featured dizzyingly whimsical animals that looked like they were a cross between candy creatures and a clown’s fever dream. At any rate, they were a great way to put some fantasy into your dull as heck school day.

At some point, some enterprising souls decided to put that wildly colorful art style into their hair. What arose was rainbow hair, but with the boldest colors imaginable. The look features everything from neon magentas to blazing electric blues to wild oranges.

This look can be difficult to pull off on a day-to-day basis, if you don’t have the most lenient work and social environment. For this look, you might actually want to go for hair chalk products, which layer over just about any hair color and wash out.

Otherwise, if you do decide to fully make the plunge, you’re looking at bleaching your hair and applying the usual brightest shades of fashion hair dyes like Manic Panic. This look also has a ton of highlighting and color melting going on, so you may want to consider going to a salon to get all the colors applied in just the right places.

Below are several ways to wear this look, if you’re searching for inspiration.

Basic Bright Rainbow

This is a very chunky color melt style. It features bold patches of different colors, all super bright. If it’s a bright color, it’s in here; from neon green to hot pink to bold orange to highlighter yellow to electric blue. If the hair dye line you are using offers a bold shade, use it for this look.

Pastel Lisa Frank Hair

Another option is to veer into a pastel unicorn look with a distinctive combination of pastel pink, highlighter yellow, faded blue, light green and a neon hot pink at the top of the hair. The faded colors are in a color melt pattern farther down the hair strands.

Hidden Lisa Frank Hair

Do you live in a conservative environment, but want Lisa Frank hair anyway? Or maybe you’re not ready to make a full leap into rainbow hair. One idea is to go with hidden rainbow hair. Basically you just dye an under layer of hair in bright Lisa Frank rainbow colors, each color on its own vertical strand.

Zebra Pattern

Another idea is to have bright rainbow hair, but put zebra or leopard prints into it to better reflect the different animals from the original Lisa Frank art style. This can be achieved with some black hair chalk and a hair stencil.

Wispy Lisa Frank Rainbow Hair

Similar to the first look, this makes use of the same hyper-bold neon shades. But the colors are more in light, highlighted wisps than the color melted chunks typically seen in this look.