lived-in blonde

With casual styles being all the rage right now, it’s no surprise that “lived-in blonde” is one of the biggest looks of the year. Lived in blonde has two elements to it. On one hand it can be either a balayage or color melt style. Dark roots are left untouched to leave time between dye jobs. From there, the look usually has medium blonde hues in the middle of the lengths and then ends in lighter tones at the end.

On the other hand is how you style this look. It looks best with highly casual hairstyles, such as messy buns, loose ponytails and beach waves. This style is as much of a conscious attitude of wanting to keep things laid back as it is a style. But because it is such a casual style, there are tons of ways this look manifests. Below are several ways to wear lived-in blonde.


Waves with shadow roots ( This basic look keeps a more subtle shadow root in a darker shade of blonde to medium brown. The hair itself is in messy, classic beach waves for a truly casual look.


Choppy layers ( Dark roots are a hallmark of this look, while the hair itself goes into bright platinum choppy layers. It looks great as a hairstyle that stops just above the shoulders.


Messy ash color melt ( A popular lived-in blonde look is to go for an ashy blonde color melt that starts in bright wisps near the top of the head and becomes more dense farther down. It also pairs great with messy beach waves.


Copper-to-blonde color melt ( Lived-in blonde also doesn’t have to be just dark to blonde shades. This take on the style starts with dark roots, goes into some dark copper lengths and ends on light blonde tips. An added loose fishtail braid keeps the style looking casual.


Messy blonde for short hair ( Proving that this style can work on short hair, it looks stunning as a platinum color with dark roots on short lengths that sit above the ears. Tons of waves and volume make it look extra lived in.


Messy bob ( The standard messy bob was made for this look, with fringed cuts and messy waves. A color melt that goes from dark to medium brown to blonde looks stunning.


Roots with messy bun ( A messy bun is a classic option for this look. It shows off the dark roots for a “yeah, I was meant to look like this” attitude.


Messy ponytail ( A great look with a blonde color melt is a voluminous high ponytail. The more volume and messier the hair is leading into the ponytail, the better.


Casual half-up do ( A classic half-up look with a color melt is sunning. Pulling the hair half back really shows off the brighter lengths. Ariana Grande has expertly pulled off this look.