The lob is the perfect haircut if you want the best of both worlds for hair length. Lob haircuts are short enough to reduce maintenance on hair, but not so short that you’re restricted in ways to style a lob. Lob haircuts are simple cuts that sit right around the shoulder, so they’re easy to cut and easy to maintain. Yet there are several ways to wear lob haircuts to get a more customized look. Below are different ways to rock the lob.

Wavy lob

One of the most popular lob haircuts, and haircuts in general, right now, is the wavy lob. This messy lob gives something of a hyper-casual bedhead look. Some light curls or a texturizing spray is enough to pull off this look. People with naturally wavy hair will love this low-maintenance trend.

Side swept lob

A sassy side part is a lob cut favorite. These can either be pulled over the top of the head or across the front of the forehead. Either way, it packs plenty of style.

Messy lob

This look is like a more ramped up wavy lob. It veers into flat-out bedhead. You’ll want tons of texturizing spray for this look.

Angled lob

This look packs a bit of modern sass into it. It’s short in the back, by about two inches or so, and a bit longer in the front, sloping gradually all the way.

Pencil straight lob

This is a great look for someone who’s going for a professional appearance. This look might require a straightening spray, a flat iron, hair spray and/or a perm to get hair to geometric perfection.

Voluminous lob

This look packs tons of bounce and flair into the lob. You’ll need a volumizing product to get going with this look.

Layered lob

Normally noted for its one length to the shoulders, a fun twist on the lob is to give it some subtle layers near the ends of the hair.

Curled lob

This one’s a step up from the wavy lob and opts for actual full-on curls in the length of the hair. We’re not talking about a longer-haired Annie here, though. This look has some slight, large bouncy curls in the length.

Long bang lob

A nice touch to a lob is to add some long, side-swept bangs that go to about the bottom of the ear on one side.

Thick bang lob

Another popular look is to have a lob with thick, straight bangs cutting across the forehead.