Image: Instagram/Dani Thorne

Back in 2014, Bella Thorne, known for her terra-cotta red locks, revealed that she’s a natural blonde, going as far as to admit that she cried when Disney made her dye her hair blonde again. Originally donning a deep red for HBO’s Big Love, she fell in love with every shade of red known to man, but settled on a natural, subtle strawberry blonde that we all love.

She went back to her blonde roots in January, making us cry. Luckily, a few weeks ago Bella and her twin sister, Dani, decided to make a HUGE hair change, and it’s #festive.

Yes, Christmas hair is a thing after all.

Bella has been a hair chameleon for sure, with a lot safer shades, so this is a vast departure from her usual requests. But while we’re not sure what made her go this far, we’re not complaining.

In the Thorne sister’s honor, here are a few more variations of red/green ombre that you can totes try out before the holiday season is over:

Santa’s red sleigh (or that shiny ornament the dog always knocks over)

Dashing through the snow, because nothing says the magic of Christmas like hair glitter

No two snowflakes are alike—or centered

That cheap, stripey foil wrapping paper we pull out when we’ve used everything else

Elves really do have the most fun

Tinsel Town—but still edgy because, hey, dark roots

And last but not least, one of the most dedicated hair cosplays of all time