Image- LarsZ/Shutterstock
Image- LarsZ/Shutterstock

So, you woke up late, you’re out camping, or you realize that all the showers are occupied at the gym.  Whatever the reason – you have not showered. Your hair is greasy and won’t sit right, your face is dry, and you feel like crawling back into bed.  It is OK! Do not fret. We have a plan.

Use these tips for looking great even when you can’t shower. 

Dry shampoo

Spritz a little at your roots but be careful not to use too much.  The dry shampoo will absorb the oils on your scalp and help keep your hair from looking greasy or flat.

Top knot

Rock it!  Pretty much anyone whose hair is at their shoulders or longer can create an adorable top knot that looks chic and playful. It’s so stylish that no one will ever assume it’s your dirty hair day ‘do.

Moist towelettes

Clean your face, body, hands, just about any part of your body with these.  They are a godsend for getting off old makeup and give your face a fresh and hydrated appearance.

Hydrate skin

There is, literally, no more important beauty advice than to always be hydrated inside and out.  Drink tons of water, even if you can’t use it to get clean. And, slather on the moisturizer. Dry skin looks dingy, and like you haven’t exfoliated.

Baby powder

Use this similarly to how you would use dry shampoo. Sprinkle some on your hands and then run them through your tresses, being sure to pay special attention to the roots, just as you did with the dry shampoo. You’ll instantly look and feel fresher. Plus, you will smell like heaven.


Ok, so this is a no-brainer but it is so perfect that it needs to be mentioned. Headbands rock for days when you can’t get in a wash.  They can pull back dirty bangs, hide wayward curls and give you an accessorized complete look.  Also, feel free to play around and try scarves, hats, or bobby pins to tame the mane.

Throw on a killer outfit

There is absolutely nothing that says “put together” than an amazing outfit.  And, when you are un-showered and feeling a little “blah” you usually don’t ever think about finding an awesome ensemble. But, once you do, no one will notice that you had to wash off with towelettes in the car. Be so sexy and chic that no one cares and they assume you just mean to be effortlessly disheveled with bed head and a little bit of last night’s eyeliner.

We have all been there and any girl can tell you that there are just days when showers can’t happen. That’s life. Just as with anything else, arm yourself with a plan for those unexpected hurried days.  Then, when disaster strikes (or you break your alarm clock), you’ll be ready.