weekend looks silver makeup metallic nails

Want to get a slightly different look this weekend? This week we’re covering an easy way to embellish a hair comb, metallic tip nails, a flip bun, silver eye makeup, and an easy lip liner hack.

Hair comb embellishment

diy hair comb embellishment
Image: Kristina Clemens

This is a super easy way to add some color to your hairstyle. Simply take a hair comb and wrap different colors of either crochet thread or thin yarn around the base of the comb between the tines. You can seal the yarn with a dab of hot glue on the bottom side of the comb. Either have sections of different colors or wrap different colors of yarn together for a more interlinked look.

Metallic tip nails

metallic tip nails art
Image: Pinterest

Looking for a classic style that looks wonderful at elegant parties? Why not try a metallic tip nail? What really makes the metallic tip pop is a matte base. Then the part where your fingernails turn white is a shimmery metallic shade. Any gold or silver high-shine polish will do. A fun extra tip: match your nail tips to whatever color of ring(s) you’re wearing.

Silver eye makeup

silver eye makeup
Image: Pinterest

Another super easy way to add instant shimmer to a look is some bright silver eye shadow. It’s an easy color to forget among your more grounded nudes and basic grey shades. But if you want to lighten up your look for the weekend, silver eye shadow is the way to do it.

For the best look, apply this eye shadow to the eyelids like normal. Then blend it up toward the eyebrow just a little. Also, make sure to apply some to the inside corner of each eye for an added highlighting effect.

The flip-up bun

flip up bun hairstyle
Image: Pinterest

Need a casual look that also keeps your hair out of the way? Try a fun flip-up bun. This look has a simple three-step process. You tie a partial ponytail, leaving a thick strand below the ponytail, and two thick strands off to the side by the ears. Flip the ponytail over itself. Grab the two strands by the ears and tie a ponytail above the flipped ponytail, and flip that over itself. Then, take the hair that’s still hanging down at the bottom and flip all of it over both hair ties for a full flipped bun. If you want a tighter feel, pin hair in place where needed.

Play around with lip liner

lip liner beauty makeup hacks
Image: MaryKay

Want a subtle new look for your lips? Then play around with your lip liner to create a different “weight” to the look of your lips. For an added look of lip volume, just apply some lip liner to the outer edges of the lips and blend inward, leaving the inner lip either bare or a nude shade. Make sure the liner closely matches your natural lip color.