metallic lip smoky eye loose braid bun floral diy headband

Looking for new, easy looks you can rock when you’re out this weekend? This week we’re taking a look at cityscape nail art, a golden smoky eye, a fun metallic lip trend, a casual and elegant hairstyle, and a DIY treat for your hair.

A night out on the town for your nails

a night out on the town for your nails
Image: Pinterest

Going out for the night? Celebrate your night painting the town red with a trendy cityscape on your nails. To get this look, apply a white basecoat and let it dry. Then you’ll want to make an ombre nail by painting layers of dark blue and deep sunset purple on a sponge. Dab the purple and blue on the nail so you’re left with a layer of purple in the middle of the nail and blue near the base. Let that dry.

Then paint on black boxes that rise from the tip of the nail. These will become your buildings. Let that dry. Then paint tiny yellow squares on the black boxes for lit windows. Add a crescent moon in the blue background section. Ta-da! Cityscape.

A warm, metallic smoky eye

warm metallic smoky eye
Image: Pinterest

When most people look at a smoky eye, it’s easy to leap to black or grey color schemes, since those are the most popular shades. Think outside the box by creating a golden, warm smoky eye. Simply use a shimmery gold eye shadow (any will do) on the eyelid itself. Around the eyelid, complement the gold with a deep brown bronze that’s well blended.

A top metallic lip that plays with the light

metallic lip highlight
Image: Pinterest

Want a metallic lip, but don’t want to go full bright metallic? This one’s the easiest look. Just paint your lips with a matte liquid lip color and let it dry a bit. Then, find a metallic lipstick and just add it to the upper potion of your lip. It should go across the top inside of your lip and down a little towards the middle of your lips. Dab the metallic shade on lightly.

Low bun with loose braid

low bun with loose braid
Image: Pinterest

If you need a casual yet elegant hairstyle for the weekend, you’ll want to try this look. For this style, simply tie a loose, large three-strand braid, starting above the middle of your forehead. You can pull the strands out of the braid a bit if you want more volume in the braid. Then pull the braid past the top of an ear.

Now tie a loose, knotted bun at the base of your neck, and then wrap the braid over the top of the bun, then secure the braid. Add a couple of ornamental pins as an optional accent.

DIY floral headband

diy floral headband
Image: Pinterest

Want a bit of a boho look this weekend? A fun and easy idea is to find a basic headband and add flowers. The headband should match your hair color as closely as possible to not draw attention to itself. Then get some faux flowers and some hot glue. Cut the stems off and glue the flowers to the headband, covering as much of the headband as possible. Instant flowers in your hair.