waterfall braid double dutch bun blue lipstick

Sometimes you just need a weekend where you shake up your look. So below we’re covering plaid nails, the classic waterfall braid, a double Dutch braid, a DIY fashion comb, and something called blue gradient lips.

Plaid glitter nails

plaid glitter nails
Image: Pinterest

Want a classic look for your nails? Try some plaid nail stickers. But you don’t have to stop there. Add some thin, crossing lines made of gold glitter polish in the plaid pattern, along with some faux gems on the nails. Some gold glitter accent nails round out this shimmery twist on a classic pattern.

The waterfall braid

brunette waterfall braid hairstyle
Image: Pinterest

If you want to look casual with a hint of boho romance, you can’t go wrong with a classic waterfall braid. These usually wrap around the head, starting just above the temples.

If you don’t know how to make a waterfall braid, it’s like making a basic three-strand braid. But where the strand faces the bottom of the braid, you let the strand fall into the hair. Then when you need a third strand, since you left a strand hanging down, you pull a new one out of the length of the hair.

Double dutch braid with bun

double dutch braid with bun
Image: Pinterest

This is one of those looks that works for an elegant or casual gathering. Basically you make two Dutch braids and lead them to the base of the neck, then tie a bun, like the name suggests. But what makes this stand out is the size of the Dutch braids. When creating them, use as big of strands from the hair as you can handle. That will create voluminous braids with a unique style and texture.

DIY fashion comb

diy fashion comb
Image: Pinterest

Decorative combs that fit into your hair are a classic accessory favorite. Try making your own with some decorative pieces, a hair comb and some hot glue. You can customize the comb to be covered with jewels, or go for a romantic look with some faux flowers or foliage. These are just a couple examples. This look is truly customizable.

Blue gradient lips

blue gradient lips

This is a bit like an ombre lip, but the colors have a more subtle shading effect than flat-out ombre. The very outer corners of the lips are dark and the middle is a radiant, deep blue. This is a great look if you’re really wanting to try something different.

You make this by using a lip brush to apply a deep blue lipstick and a navy blue or black lipstick. You apply the blue lipstick first as normal, and then paint on the darker color at the outer corners of the lips. For best results, make sure to blend the two colors well.