diy hairpin pearls holographic nail polish glitter crease eye makeup voluminous braid hairstyle

Sometimes you just need a bold new style for the weekend. So, this week we’re looking at DIY hairpin pearls, glitter creasing for the eyes, a mauve matte eye, a twist braid, and some holographic nail polish.

DIY hairpin pearls

diy hair pin pearls
Image: HonestlyWTF

Want to embellish an updo with some easy pearls? This hack is perfect for some added elegance if you’re going to a fancier gathering this weekend. Although it also works for more casual gatherings.

You’ll need some pearl beads–the kind with a small hole going through the middle so they can be strung onto a necklace. Then, string some narrow twine through the bead. Tie that bead to the end of a hairpin tightly with a small knot. Then, you can insert those hairpins into an updo so it looks like you have free-floating pearls in your hair.

The glitter crease

glitter crease eye makeup liner
Image: Pinterest

Looking to add some unconventional sparkle to your look this weekend? One look that’s huge right now is the glitter crease on the eye. It basically consists of applying a thin line of glitter right where the eyelid creases.

It’s a common look with a cat eye, and it tends to separate a lighter shade of eye shadow on the lid and a darker shade above the crease of the eye. It’s a great way to add some shine without being too dramatic.

Mauve matte eye

mauve matte eye
Image: Pinterest

Sometimes all you need to spice up your look for the weekend is a nice eye shadow color change. In this case, a mauve matte eye is a huge hit right now. What makes this look distinct is that it has a lighter nude eye base close to the eyelid. Then a mauve eye shadow is applied at the crease and above, blending upward. An optional cat eye eyeliner shape is applied right above the eyelashes to round out this look.

Twisty voluminous braid

twisty voluminous braid pastel purple hair color
Image: Pinterest

This is a clever idea if you’re looking for something that looks both elegant and slightly casual. It’s basically a half updo with a braid leading through the length of the hair.

What makes it different is that four strands are drawn back from the front, and then twisted and tied at the back of the head. Then a braid leads down from where the four twists are tied, but the strands of the braid are pulled out to have tons of volume.

Holographic nail polish

holographic nail polish
Image: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a really unique style for your nails this weekend, take a look at holographic nails. They shimmer and reflect light, making it look like the nails are deep pools of metallic liquid. Getting the look is easier than it sounds.

Certain nail polishes with an iridescent finish or polishes with hologram effects, like Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish or LNP MEGA – 100% PURE Ultra Holographic Nail Polish.