dewy makeup weekend looks ombre lips two buns

Need a fresh look for this weekend? Sometimes it’s fun to reinvent yourself for a couple days, so below we’re covering a two-bun hairstyle, a DIY lace headband, tornado nails, shimmery ombre lips, and a dewy makeup look.

Two buns and some waves

two buns and some waves
Image: Pinterest

Need something funky yet casual this weekend? Why not give the two-bun look a try? Basically you just tie two buns up at the top of your head where high half-pigtails would be. They’re placed a few inches to each side of the middle part and several inches back from the forehead. The buns are tied tight for this look.

The real fun to this look is the hair you leave down for those with longer strands, which is a casual, fun mess of curls. You can use a curling iron on the lengths or go old school and sleep with curlers in. Just make sure to only curl the lengths under the ears. Hair leading into the buns should be straight.

Easy DIY hair lace

easy diy hair lace
Image: Pinterest

Want a boho look for the weekend, maybe to go with those double buns and wavy hair? Making a lace headband is super easy. Simply get a length of lace and measure it so it goes around your head. Then attach the ends of the lace to either side of a double hair tie (the ones that look like a figure eight). Do this by looping the lace over the hair tie edges and securing the lace’s ends with some fabric glue.

Tornado Nails

tornado diy nail art
Image: Pinterest

Craving a fun glitter bomb trend for your nails? Then take a look at tornado nails, which have a twirled tornado pattern cutting through a contrasting shade of glitter. This one is fairly easy. You just paint a basecoat, either white or in a solid shade of glitter. Once dry, create a swirling tornado pattern down the middle that starts wide and ends thinner. This part can be a rainbow, or any shade that contrasts the basecoat, ideally a glitter shade.

Highlighted ombre lip

highlighted ombre look
Image: Pinterest

Have you always seen ombre lips and wanted to give them a try? Maybe it’s your weekend to rock the ombre lips. It’s easier than it looks. Apply a base lip shade. Then apply a darker or contrasting lip liner, but blend the liner inward slightly. Then add a powder highlighter to the middle of the lips that will give the look some shine. It’s an easy and slightly more muted ombre lip look.

Easy dewy look

easy dewy skin look
Image: Pinterest

Already miss the natural dewy appearance you had in the summer months? Fake it this weekend with some simple makeup hacks. Use a liquid foundation that doesn’t have a matte finish. For dry skin that isn’t sensitive to oil and clogged pores, you can try adding a tiny amount of argan oil before the foundation. Then add a touch of highlighter to the cheekbones. And there’s your shortcut dewy look!