Brown hair comes in so many shades and colors, providing lots of room to play around with highlights and ombre looks. In this post, we’ll explore some of our favorite light brown hair color looks, from natural-looking styles to bold, dramatic colors. We’ll also discuss how to take care of color-treated hair, and introduce some of our favorite, color-safe products.

Light brown hair with tawny highlights

We love the tawny, well-integrated highlights in this light brown hair look. The neutral, blonde notes blend in seamlessly with the darker brown, making the look appear subtle and natural. The blonde-ish highlights give the style a gentle, warm radiance without taking over the look, and the warm brown perfectly balances their coolness.

Ash brown to lightest brown ombre

We love this unbelievably natural-looking ombre, which begins with ash brown coloring at the root of the hair, and fades down to lightest, blonde-ish brown at the ends of the hair. The model’s face is framed perfectly with some highlights around her ears, and we love the gorgeous contrast between the darker and lighter colors. This is a sophisticated, grown-up ombre that would be easy for everyday wear.

Light brown to silvery purple ombre

This look starts with gentle brown at the root of the hair, with silvery purple highlights that grow stronger toward the ends of the hair. Although purple isn’t a natural hair color, this soft, light shade looks super mellow and easygoing–while still being eye-catching, playful, and fun.

Golden brown ombre

The ombre transition in this look is super subtle, with a gradual blend from medium brown to golden-brown that happens so slowly and seamlessly you almost don’t notice what an incredible difference there is between the two shades. It’s a warm, rich, and absolutely elegant look that would be just as gorgeous on different hair textures.

Caramel brown

In this light brown hair color look, shades of caramel brown that almost border on blonde are worked into a base of medium brown hair. The result is a unique and natural-looking shade that could never get boring! It would look gorgeous on short hair as well as longer locks and would lend itself perfectly to elaborate hairdos.

Mahogany brown

The deep red notes in this brown hair color create a gorgeous, blended shade of mahogany. While they’re not quite as dramatic as intense red or purple highlights, or as trendy as an ombre look, they create a unique color that’s eye-catching and bursting with personality.

Taking care of colored hair

Coloring your hair can lead to hair damage, including brittleness and hair loss. If you color your hair on a regular basis, we recommend taking extra steps to care for and condition it. We especially love Kiehl’s’ Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak ($25) and Yarok’s Feed Your Youth Hair Serum ($32) for taking care of dry, damaged, color-treated hair.

We also recommend seeking out salons that use natural dyes rather than artificial ones, as synthetic dyes are harmful to human health–especially when used repeatedly. Some of the ingredients commonly found in hair dyes may contribute to health issues like inflammation, hormonal disorders, and autoimmune disorders. As with any beauty product, we recommend looking for natural, healthy options whenever possible!