In life, there are so many different reasons to celebrate. There are moments when you can celebrate your promotion, or you can simply celebrate that you have gotten your salary raised. You want to share your experience with friends, but whenever you want to drink, you are concerned about the number of calories you consume. What if there were low-calorie cocktails that you could choose instead? Will you order those instead of your usual ones? Most people would definitely say yes.


You have personal preferences just like other women, so when choosing the right cocktail, consider the following.

  • The base: do you like gin, vodka, or whiskey? No matter what the base is, you can create a low- calorie cocktail that will not make you too concerned about your diet.
  • The mixes: there are some ingredients that can be placed in cocktails that can increase the number of calories in them. Consider the different mixes and choose the one that will fit your diet and your taste buds.
  • Have just enough: the number of calories will be per glass. If you drink too much, expect that you are going to ingest a lot of calories.

Some Cocktails to Try

If you do not know the right low-calorie cocktails to order at a bar (or make yourself), then here are some that you can familiarize yourself with.

  1. Martini: there are a lot of men and women who love the martini and there is a good reason for this. It tastes different from all the other cocktails out there. It is made out of vermouth and gin or vodka. If you make it dry, you will get more liquor and less vermouth. Decrease the calories further by not ordering olives.
  2. Paloma: if you love tequila but you do not want the Margarita because you feel that it is full of sugar, then you may opt for this instead. A Peloma is made out of grapefruit juice, lime, and soda. If you want to feel less bloated in the morning, ask for a “no salt” Paloma.
  3. Gin Tonic: if you want to drink a lot, this may be one of the cocktails that you can try. Remember that tonic does not have a lot of calories. If you are not a fan of gin, you may opt for vodka tonic instead.
  4. Vodka Soda: if you do not want to consume a lot of calories and still drink a lot, then this may be the best option for you to have. Drink vodka with soda water. Soda water has no calories whatsoever, so you may want to order more than usual. The best thing about this is that you can make it at home.
  5. Champagne: have you always wondered why champagne is the drink of choice at a party? This is because it does not pack on a lot of calories like other drinks. One flute will have fewer calories than most of the cocktails that you will find in a bar.

With all of these low-calorie cocktails available, you may find yourself purchasing the needed ingredients so that you can make them at home.