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While the cold weather brings warm fires, cuddles and hot chocolate, it also brings dry, brittle and unhealthy hair. The bitter cold wind literally pulls the moisture out of your hair which then leads to frizz, split ends, and sometimes even dandruff. Yikes! However, there are a few ways you can combat this dreaded damage to save your healthy hair from it’s doom.


I can’t stress enough how important conditioner is to saving your hair from the cold. Honestly, too much conditioner is never actually too much, as long as you rinse it out thoroughly. If you have thin hair, the ReGenesis thickening conditioner has a scalp therapy formula that helps you get fuller-bodied hair without weighing it down, while at the same time moisturizing your strands. Um, perfect.

One other great way to get the most moisture while cleansing is to use a cleansing conditioner. I know, it sounds weird. All you have to do is apply it generously all over your head and let it sit while you finish the rest of your shower, then rinse it out. That’s it. Your hair will feel so bouncy and clean, but it won’t be stripped of it’s natural oils like some shampoos will do. Our favorite is the Wen cleansing conditioner in vanilla white pumpkin (because pumpkin, duh). I use this one and it’s amazing.

Try to avoid heat styling

This one is hard, but setting a goal to use less heat even once a week will help. A good place to start is cutting down on the amount you blow dry your hair because it’s one of the most damaging culprits of all. Shower at night, or plan ahead a bit so you have time to let your hair air dry. Avoiding heat on a regular basis will help you learn not only how bad it is for your hair, but also how to make your hair look longer. Trust me, you’ll see a difference.

Use hair masks

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite feelings ever is the way my hair feels after using a hair mask. They are pretty much magic in a bottle. One of our favorites is the Unwash Hydrating Masque because it leaves your hair weightless but also healthier than ever before. Best of both worlds, right?

Avoid chemicals

If you regularly color your hair, winter is the perfect time to give your tresses a break from all the damaging chemicals. Taking even just a few weeks extra off can make a huge difference. In the meantime, you can use a root spray if you find that your dark roots peeking through isn’t exactly your favorite look. Our favorite is the Back 2 Blonde root spray because it literally makes your hair look the same, just without grown out roots. Toughing it out for a few weeks without dying your hair will do wonders for it, especially with the cold winter wind.