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Make A Statement With Darker Hair Color Using These 4 Tips

Thinking of transitioning to a darker hair color? Maybe you just need a change, or maybe your favorite celebrity went dark recently and you’d like to see if you could rock a similar look. Below are several tips for pulling off darker hair color.

Test It First

Going dark is hard to undo. I once made the mistake of slathering on a box of black hair dye on a whim. Before the color fully set, I immediately realized my terrible mistake and washed my hair several times with clarifying shampoo and then dyed over it again. My hair was a dry mess afterwards, and I just barely managed to cover what was left of the dark color with a dark red dye. Learn from my mistake.

Darker hair color is one of those styles that’s hard to picture on yourself. You’ll think that you’ll look like Jennifer Lawrence in “The Hunger Games,” while in reality dark hair might wash out your whole appearance. You’ll never really know what you’re going to get until you do it. So save yourself the headache, and try on a dark wig first. Study it, live with it for a bit and figure out if you really want to go there. Avoid the frantic trips to the salon or hair dye isle.

Know Your Shade

When it comes to darker hair color, you can go with a striking midnight black, medium brown or a warm chestnut, just to name a few. In general, lighter toned skin should opt for warm browns like a reddish chestnut, while dark skin can withstand cool dark shades like blue-black. Try to use your new hair color shade to balance out the natural appearance of your skin. Otherwise, if you’re going for dramatic, you can always pair a dark, cool shade with a light complexion or a warm shade with warm skin tones.

Get Smart With Your Makeup

Darker hair color has some special demands on makeup. For general, everyday wear outside of certain trends and styles, opt for black mascara and an eyebrow pencil for darkening eyebrows. That will add balance to your appearance. If you really couldn’t resist and went with dark hair on a light complexion, but don’t want a stark look, add a bronzer and blush to minimize the contrast.

Take Care Of Your Shade

All hair dying is going to require a certain amount of upkeep. Keep to shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair, bonus points for products that are meant for dark hues. Wait at least 48 hours before washing hair after dying, though conservative estimates state 72 hours, if you can go that long. Try to wash your hair less frequently in general, as color washes out with each shampooing. Avoid heat treatments, chlorine and excessively hot water, as these will all fade hair color.