Pink rubber duck in bath foam
Image: Shutterstock/Gts

Make Bath Time Amazing With Homemade Bubble Bars

Bubble bars are a fun way to add suds to a relaxing bath. They can be customized into any shape you desire, and they make great gifts. If you’ve never used them, you simply place them under the running water in a bath and let them dissolve into bubbles.

For an easy way to make these, simply use:

  • One part baking soda
  • One part sodium laurel sulfoacetate
  • A palm-full of cream of tartar
  • Food coloring
  • Liquid glycerin
  • Essential oil of your choice

You can add the food coloring, liquid glycerin and essential oil until you are happy with the scent, color and consistency.

To start, make sure you are wearing a facemask for this, as the powders can fly up into the air. The sodium laurel sulfoacetate powder can really go airborne, which isn’t fun to breathe in since it can cause coughing.

You’ll need to prepare different batches based on what color you want the mixture to be. Pour the baking soda into a bowl, then add food coloring and mix it in if you want that batch to have a certain color. Also add the essential oil to scent at this point. Wisk in the cream of tartar, then do the same with the sodium laurel sulfoacetate. At this point, slowly start adding the liquid glycerin until the mixture turns into a dough texture. It should hold together between your hands.

Now the real fun begins. This is where you get to shape the bubble bar. A common way to do so is to put the bubble bar mixture in a cookie or soap mold. Designate the mold for soap, and do not use it for food after. Press the mixture firmly into the mold, and you can bang your new shape out of the mold right away. That’s it, you’re done. If the mixture crumbles, add a bit more liquid glycerin.

If you’ve made several different colors of the mixture, a fun and popular option is to roll the two colors together like Swiss rolls or swirl cookies in baking. Simply roll out a thin layer of the two colors separately. Layer one on top of the other, and roll them together like you’re rolling up a sleeping bag. Then slice the log into coin shapes so you end up with little pinwheels.

You can also mush the mixture together into little balls, or mold the mixture so that it forms cute creations like bunnies and flowers. I’ve even seen people scoop the mixture into an ice cream scoop and then leave the mixture looking like scooped ice cream. Pretend it’s play dough, and let your inner kid go wild.

Keep the bars in a sealed glass or disposable container, since the container could absorb the scent. Try to use them as quickly as you can or they might spoil. There are reports out there that liquid glycerin could end up molding. You may need to physically crumble this mixture under the running bathwater to get the best bubbling. Then, enjoy your bubbles!