Back view of the young female with beautiful blond straight long hairs in motion
Image: Shutterstock/Nevada31

Make Your Hair Look Longer With These 7 Hacks

Cut off those pesky broken ends lately, but still wish you could look like you have longer hair? Or maybe you just wish your hair could appear longer for a special event. The obvious solution is to get clip-in extensions, but the good ones aren’t cheap. The methods to make your hair look longer below won’t make a pixie cut look like a full mane, but you may just be able to pull off a subtly longer look.

Longer Ponytail

This is a popular trick for making your ponytail look much longer than it actually is. Simply tie two ponytails at the back of your head, one about 2-3 inches above the other. Cover the bottom ponytail with the top one, and you’ll be able to add several inches to the ponytail without waiting months and months for your hair to grow.


These are the perfect option if you want noticeable length with an updo, and don’t want to mess around with clip-in extensions. You can simply get a reasonably priced hairpiece and clip it onto hair you pulled up at the back. If your hair is very short, style it back with some gel. Just make sure the piece matches your hair color perfectly.

Straighten Your Hair

Have curly or wavy hair? That usually takes off several inches as your hair bounces back up. Get out a straightening iron to give your hair its full length back. You can also find products like Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, which work to make hair straighter and straighter over time.

Remember Wavy Hair

Wait, isn’t straight hair the way to go for length? Yes, but not at the ends. If you go too pencil straight, you’ll end up with a look that tells the world just how short your hair really is as it falls at a uniform length around your head. Add some texturizing spray at your ends so that your hair tends to fall in different places. That will create a bit of a visual mystery towards where your hair really ends and make your hair look longer.

Make Sure Your Hair Stands Out

Your hair shouldn’t blend in with your clothing, or it will make all your hair look shoulder-length. Wear a bright shirt if you have dark hair, a dark shirt if you have light hair and contrasting colors to your current color if you have wild, non-traditional colored hair.

Layer It

You’d think losing hair is the enemy here, but a hair cut with layers will help. Not only do layers tend to add volume to hair, but the longer strands of your hair will look that much longer next to the shorter ones. It’s one of the easiest ways to achieve a lengthening optical illusion at all times.

Part Your Hair In The Center

Give your hair extra length by combing a simple center part. That way, rather than hair falling shorter on one side, you give your hair the maximum space to fall to its full length on each side. Easy!