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Everyone loves that golden glow that comes with summertime. The natural dewiness of the skin during the warmer months can make you look younger and more fresh—who doesn’t want some of that? Using makeup for dewy skin is one of the easiest ways to achieve that stunning glow. Here are some techniques you can try to enhance your dewy look all summer long.

Cleanse and moisturize before applying makeup

Your skin is the base for all of your makeup. Without healthy skin, it is difficult to achieve a healthy, dewy makeup look. Cleansing your face before makeup application is crucial for a flawless canvas to work with. Use a gentle cleanser to get the excess oil and dirt out of your pores in order to prevent future breakouts. Then, following up with a moisturizer (light if you have oily skin, heavier if you have dry skin) will help prep the skin for anything applied next.

Use an illuminating primer

Illuminating primers give you that “glowing from within” look without making you look greasy. They can also be very moisturizing and nutritious for your skin. Apply a thin layer all over your face, or just on the high points, depending on how glowy you want to go. Primers such as this one from L’oreal are perfect for varying your dewiness.

Choose a foundation with a dewy finish

Your foundation is what helps to even out your skin tone and sets the stage for the rest of your makeup. When going for a dewy look, choose a foundation  that has a more luminous finish. The combination of the luminous primer and foundation together will optimize your glow from within effortlessly.

Blend in liquid makeup with a beauty sponge

Using a beauty sponge like the beauty blender damp adds a ton of moisture to your skin while soaking up excess product you may have applied too much of. Lightly bounce it across your skin to evenly distribute the foundation. This technique is fool-proof and ensures the best blending while not adding too much product.

Use a liquid highlighter

This step is optional, but if you are really looking to glow, adding a liquid highlighter will only enhance it. Just place this one on the high points of your face—think of the top of the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow (area above your lips), and inner corners of the eyes. Blend it with your beauty sponge and make sure the highlighter is only on the areas you would naturally glow to avoid looking oily.

Use minimal powder products

Overloading your face with powder will make everything look caky and ruin all the work you just did. Stay away from mattifying powders because that’s exactly what they will do—mattify. Use a translucent powder  or a powder specifically made for illuminating so as to avoid that caky look.

Use a finishing spray

Finishing sprays can be used in many different ways. They can prolong your makeup, prevent it from moving around, or add a subtle glow to your overall look. The fine mist  acts as an agent to help melt all of your makeup together, leaving a seamless and flawless finish. Plus it’s refreshing!