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7 Makeup Hacks For Tired Skin

Have a late night again? No worries, it happens. And when it does, you’ll need an arsenal of makeup tricks up your sleeve to make yourself look more awake. Below are several makeup hacks for tired skin. Time to hide bags and look more alert!

Have A Powerful Moisturizer On Hand

For days when you didn’t sleep, you’ll want to pick up a moisturizer that packs more of a punch than your normal moisturizer. Hydration is the key to getting a more alert, bright appearance, so before you even put on makeup, you’ll want to slather on the hydrator. Look for products that pack intense moisture and contain green tea and caffeine to really kick your skin into looking alert.

Focus On Foundation

The right foundation can smooth out tired skin and breathe life into it at the same time. Go for a sheer foundation that leaves a moisturized finish, since moisture is the key here and a lighter makeup won’t weigh your look down. Look for words like “dewy,” “soft,” “sheer” and “moisturizing liquid.” You can also consider tinted moisturizers. You’ll want anything that will give you a radiant, shimmery look while reducing the redness. The moisturizing qualities of these types of foundations will also minimize those fine lines.

Use Your Concealer Correctly

It’s tempting to just cover the bags under your eyes with a thick layer of concealer right over the troubled areas. But many makeup artists will agree that the right way to do it is to go for a sort of inverted triangle. That means you cover the dark areas under your eyes, and then lead the concealer down to the middle of your cheek, tapering off as you go. That creates a more highlighted, natural and blended look.

Don’t Forget Blush

Blush will draw attention away from tired eyes. It will also give tired, ashy skin a boost of lively color. Look for bright reddish and pink blushes with a gold undertone to counteract any blue under eyes.

Go Easy On Lip Color

For a bright, energetic look, opt for light rosy shades, as dark and intense lipsticks can add some years to your appearance if you’re already looking tired. For added moisture, you can also apply a bit of gloss to the center of your lips.

Accent Your Brows

To pull attention away from puffy, dark or red eyes, make sure to have full and arched eyebrows. That will also make heavy eyelids look more lively. Fill your brows in with an eyebrow pencil, and then brush them with a spoolie brush.

Use A Light Eyeliner

Here’s a little trick for making your eyes look perkier and larger: only line the bottom inside lash line. But do not use dark eyeliner as that will make your eyes look even more heavy than they feel, and it will make any redness in your eyes pop. Use a nude liner for a bright, alert look. Going for a more beige color will counterbalance any redness around the eyes.