Who cares if you are in a relationship or not on Valentine’s Day? Your worth is 100% not determined by your relationship status. And besides, every girl has the right to dress up and look fab on Valentine’s Day regardless of her plans. You may be spending Valentine’s Day at some fancy restaurant with a guy you just met, or you may be kicking it with your squad. No matter your plans, we’ve got makeup looks for Valentine’s Day no matter your relationship status. If you’ve been in a serious relationship for years, we’ve got some fresh ideas for you too, don’t you worry.

Here are 7 makeup looks for Valentine’s Day no matter your relationship status.

Show off your single squad

Going out with the girls? Everyone wishes they had your squad, so don’t be afraid to show it off a bit. Skip the classic red lipstick—listen, everyone else will be wearing it. So not original. Instead, try some fresh pink hues. It’s not every day you get to rock pink, so make sure you do it well. Mix a pretty pink eyeshadow with lighter metallic shades for gorgeous eyes. Pair them with a pink lip gloss and rosy cheeks. For your eyes, try the stunning LAMORA EXPOSED Eyeshadow Palette.

Relationship isn’t quite official

In that in-between phase, eh? Choosing a makeup look may seem impossible when you’re not sure if you should keep it natural or do something extra fancy. It may help to base it off of your plans. Is he taking you out to a nice dinner? Keep it classic with a red lip and cat eye. Or, is he trying to Netflix and chill? Opt for neutral palettes and an alluring, but simple gloss. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Avoid changing your look based off of what you think he will like. The most attractive look is what you love and feel most confident wearing. Screw him if he doesn’t like it.

Honeymoon phase

So the two of you are in total bliss. You’re absolutely enamored with each other. This is your first Valentine’s Day together, and you couldn’t be more excited. Channel the bright and fun energy of your relationship and go for bold and bright lipsticks with highlighter on your upper cheeks. Try something fun like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Universal Red Liquid Lipstick. Add highlighter to your upper cheekbones and carry it up to your temples.

Going strong for one year

Woo girl! You and your boo thang have reached an important milestone. Show him how you feel by making this holiday ultra romantic. For a romantic and modern look, use a black liner on your upper lids and add some shimmer to your tear ducts. Create a soft, smokey eye with metallic shades and some pink hues. Add shimmer to your brow bone to soften it up even more. Finish with a neutral lipstick and pink gloss. For the perfect romantic look, try Milani’s Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette.

When bae is BFF

If you and your boyfriend have been going strong for several years, then it’s time to play it up a bit. You may have fallen into routines or decided fancy dates aren’t worth the money on Valentine’s Day. So you guys are practical, but that doesn’t mean your love isn’t strong and alive. While you may be best friends who are happy creating the perfect date night at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw him a little surprise. Throw a pop of color in your look by trying a smokey eye with red or purple. Add some sharp eyeliner and draw it out into a perfect wing. To balance out the eyes, use a neutral lipstick with a light gloss. Create definition on your cheekbones with a natural blush on your cheeks and highlighter on your upper cheekbones. He’ll love seeing you done up just for him.


You and your hubby have the strongest bond of all. You’ve been together for awhile now, and you may be thinking he won’t even notice the eyelash extensions and new lipstick. So? Wear them anyways for yourself! Wear a look that makes you happy and feel sexy, and smile and soak it up when he plants a kiss on your cheek and tells you “you look beautiful tonight.”

Flying solo

No plans this Valentine’s Day? No worries. Skip the makeup, but you can still treat the holiday as a special occasion. Instead of dressing up, treat yourself to some self-love. Put on a face mask, paint your nails, and end the night in the bathtub with a glass of wine. You deserve it.

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