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Gone are the days when the vanity dresser is just a boring table with a mirror attached. The staple now is a mirror surrounded by lights, so that you can apply your makeup better. Who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star every time they apply their makeup?

A misconception of people is that having a makeup mirror with lights is a sign of vanity, but this has a purpose too. Aside from being an attractive addition to the modern home, it will allow people to lessen the number of lights that they have to place in a room to get the best makeup application. Gone are the days when a lamp would need to be situated near the dresser, or a wall lamp would need to be installed on the side of a bathroom mirror. A makeup mirror with lights is easy to install and use, and will change the way you do your makeup.

How to choose the best mirror

If you check the number of makeup mirrors with lights found on the market, you will become confused because there are so many selections available. The first thing that you have to decide on is the shape of the makeup mirror. Would you prefer to have a mirror that is round-shaped or oval-shaped? You can also choose between square-shaped and rectangle-shaped. The choice is up to you.

Another thing that you have to consider is the type of light used. Some makeup mirrors may be inexpensive because they still use incandescent bulbs. Avoid mirrors that use this type of light. Incandescent bulbs can use up more energy, and may not provide you with adequate lighting to put on your makeup flawlessly.

Clear visualization is also important when picking the right makeup mirror. Some makeup mirrors are so unclear that you will almost look distorted. A clear makeup mirror will aid you in viewing yourself clearly.

Some Benefits to Expect

Are you still not convinced about why you should own a makeup mirror with lights? Here are some more reasons:

•You can have an ample amount of light to prepare yourself in the mornings without waking up your partner or roommate. No need to turn on the lights anymore just to see if you have placed your foundation evenly or if your eyebrows are on fleek.

•Some makeup mirrors have different light settings. You can set the lights of the makeup mirror depending on the time of the event that you are going to attend, or the type of lighting that you can expect when you go out of the house. Lighting will always affect what your makeup looks like. You do not want to end up having makeup that looks too thick, right?

•You will make fewer mistakes with your makeup. Makeup is like an art and your face is your canvas. With unclear lighting or distorted mirrors, you may not be able to pinpoint immediately if there is something wrong with your makeup, unless someone points it out.

Hopefully, with all of the things that you have learned, you will be convinced of the reasons why you need to get yourself a makeup mirror with lights now.