makeup subscription boxes
Image: Africa Studio

Monthly subscription boxes have flooded the internet community as of late. There are book subscription boxes, TV shows, snacks, clothing, and many other types of subscription boxes. Today we are going to look through some of the makeup subscription boxes on the market to choose from and which one is worth the money.

1) Ipsy-10$

In terms of value, this one is probably the best makeup subscription boxes on this list. Every month for just $10, you get a variety of samples of different high-end brand products to try out and see if there is anything you would pay a full price for. You will receive a makeup bag with each subscription. We think that you may get too many makeup bags as a result, but they can be recycled as pencil cases, storage ideas, or presents for your friends and family. In addition to all of these great samples, you get one full-sized product every month. These makeup subscription boxes were originally created by a beauty and lifestyle guru, Michelle Phan.

2) Birchbox-10$

This box also has an amazing price tag and we think that if taken into account what you get for the money, it is truly a bargain. Each month they send you five samplers which can vary in category. One of the samplers you can choose for yourself – which is a great added benefit as you get to receive a product that you really want to try and still be surprised by the items they have picked out for you. In addition, you get to receive a free high-end gift with the subscription!

3) Vegan Cuts Beauty Box-18.50$

This box is great because their products are completely vegan and organic. In the box you get up to seven products. Some of them are samplers and the others are full-sized products. This is a great alternative to all of the other boxes because you will be receiving good quality, cruelty free products. You are helping the planet while contributing to the saving of the environment.

4) Play by Sephora-15$

This is a little more exclusive beauty box as not everyone can get one. You will be placed on their waitlist for some time before you can get a subscription. But when you do, you will know that it will be worth it. Paying $15 a month gets you get five deluxe samples plus a perfume sample from high-end brands. These samples are usually of a decent size and they all come in a small bag which you can use to store items at a later time. We think that this is a bargain and we are sure that this subscription box will soon be on top as one of the best ones out there.

Makeup subscription boxes are an amazing idea as you get to try out samples of products which would otherwise cost too much to get. Every month you receive your box and it feels like a birthday present that you given yourself. We think that these boxes are worth the price and with their added benefits, a great purchase to make.