Beautiful watermarble nail art design, manicure
Image: Minszka / Shutterstock

Marble nails are some of the coolest looks to hit Pinterest. It’s a swirled nail pattern that looks like the stone it takes its name from. And doing the look at home requires one of the most fun and inventive nail hacks around.

You start this look by applying a clear basecoat, which allows the next layer of polish to stick better. Then add drops of different nail polish colors to a bowl of water. Swirl the polish together with an orangewood stick.

Hold your finger so it’s parallel to the surface of the water. Dip your nail into the swirled polish. Use a nail polish remover to clean up any excess polish, and apply a clear topcoat once the swirled pattern is dry. You can customize the look according to your personal color preference.

Then, of course, there’s the easy way. You can find several types of faux nails in a marble pattern.

Now that you know how to get the look, below are several styles for inspiration.

Basic Black and White

One of the most common looks for marble nails is to have shots of black swirled into a predominately white base to match natural marble stone.

Marble Accent Nails

A popular look is to combine a classic black and white marble nail with some accent nails in a neutral solid like grey or black.

Negative Space Marble Nails

One stunning look is to combine half-marble patterns with half-plain nails for a negative space look.

Golden Marble Nails

A popular idea is to have a marble base, and then apply light swirls of shimmery gold over that.

Bright Base Marble Nails

A stunning look is light swirls of black with a bright base like turquoise.

Geometric Marble Nails

Another stunning look is to go with a basic marble pattern, but go geometric by painting black slanted sections over the marble pattern.

Peach-Accented Marble Nails

An interesting look is to have a basic black and white marble pattern, but add a third bright color for a bit of customization. A light peach works well for this look.

Rainbow Marble Nails

A fun look is to combine multiple bright polishes in the water so you’re left with a rainbow marbling look.

Neon and White Marble Nails

Neon shades and white polish are also fun twists on the marble nail trend.