If you’re like me, you have WAY too much makeup. All three Naked palettes along with dozens of other eyeshadow palettes are not necessary, I know that. Multiple different shades of foundations for each season probably aren’t needed, and neither are all the blushes and bronzers cluttering my drawers. It’s a problem, I admit it. But, recently we came across a method for organizing that could help people like you and I who are borderline hoarders: the Marie Kondo way of life.

Marie Kondo, or KonMari, is a Japanese organizing consultant whose book has topped the New York Times best-selling list for months at a time. She started her organizing career at a young age, first doing house calls to her friends for $100 per 5-hour block. Her waiting list soon grew to be six months long, and she decided to dedicate her life to helping people organize theirs with her joy-centered method. Even though her waiting list is super long for an in-person consultation, her book provides a guide to tidying up your home as well as your life.

KonMari’s organizing method revolves around one major question: Does this spark joy? Seemingly simple, she tells her clients and readers to physically hold each item they own in their hands and ask themselves this question. If the answer is no, it doesn’t belong in their lives anymore. She also suggests tackling one category of stuff at a time—starting with clothing, then moving down to books and sentimental items. Focusing on one category at a time allows you to move from room to room, keeping only what you truly need and what brings you joy. She thinks that if you organize room by room, items get shifted around and you can never truly get rid of clutter.

Some have disagreed with KonMari’s method, insisting that it is just a small part of organizing your life and doesn’t include everything. However, with the huge amount of people who have claimed their lives are changed thanks to this method, why wouldn’t we try it? We won’t be tackling our entire homes this time, but just focusing on our ridiculous makeup collections (which could probably use a home themselves).

Begin by going through your drawers, bags or shelves full of makeup. Pick out the things you know you use every day. Your go-to foundation, powder, bronzer, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipstick are all things you should know right off the bat that you should keep. This isn’t about getting rid of everything, just the things that you don’t really even use. Put your essentials into a bag or pile off to the side to organize your organizing process.

You will run into huge dilemmas that might take a while to decide on. What about that lipstick that exploded in your purse and got ruined but is the perfect color and formula? Or those two red nail polishes that you NEED to keep, because they’re both different you swear. The key here: prioritize. Does it truly bring you joy? Think about if you will use a product within the next week. If you won’t, you don’t really need it (unless you need it for a special event in the future). This is really harsh and this whole process may be a bit traumatizing, but trust me when I say you will feel like a new person after purging your beauty supply warehouse (aka your bathroom).

Two red nail polishes? Keep one light one and one dark one for different seasons. Twelve nude/pink lipsticks? Pick only a few that you really wear often. Don’t lie to yourself. The only one you’ll be hurting if you keep too much makeup clutter is you. You can do this, I have total faith in you. Give extra makeup to your family members and friends so you don’t feel as bad throwing it out. De-clutter your makeup, de-clutter your life. Happy organizing.