Young woman with long brown hair and big pink hat on the beach
Image: Shutterstock/ locrifa

Master Summer Style With Our Guide To Perfectly Beachy Waves

Now that the weather is warm, you may want the perfect beachy waves to go with that summery weather. Not every day can be spent at the beach, but you can still look like a fun-loving surfer, even if your home is landlocked by hundreds of miles. Below are several ways to manufacture beachy waves at home.

The Spray Method

One of the easiest ways to get beachy waves is to find a commercial spray that leads to wavy beach hair. You’ll want to look for sea salt or texturizing sprays that will give that same wavy, voluminous look as actual ocean water. There are tons on the market. If you’re worried about hair damage, a good product is Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Spray (has tons of moisture) and Healthy Sexy Hair’s Soy Renewal Beach Spray.

Wavy Hair Styling

One easy way to manufacture waves without any product is to just manipulate your hair while it is still wet. After showering either tie your hair up into a bun, tie the length of your hair around a headband in a spiral pattern or simply braid your hair. Leave it like that overnight, and brush it lightly in the morning. Instant waves without the risk of hair damage!

Heat Styling Tools

If you’re more pressed for time, and your hair is in good condition, you can use heat styling tools. The fastest method is to twist the length of your hair, and then run a flat iron over it. Using a curler on the end of your hair for just a few minutes and then brushing can also give the subtle beach wave look.

Some Other Tips

When looking for beachy waves, think second day clean. If you don’t wash your hair absolutely every day, your hair may look more texturized naturally. From there you can add some beach hair spray or try using heat styling tools, if you wish. That will also help hair hang onto its natural oils, which strengthen and smooth hair, so you can use heat tools or salt spray with less risk of damage.

If you’re a devotee of beachy waves, you may also want to think about cutting your hair into a layered look. That will add more bounce, texture and make even a slight wave stand out a little bit more.

Beachy waves also look great with natural highlights. Apply lemon juice to your hair for thirty minutes a day until you see the desired results, or get a commercial subtle hair lightener like Sun In if you have non-dyed hair.