blonde woman with a summer hat
Image: iC

Don’t we all wish we could pull off the no-makeup look in the summertime? With sun-kissed skin and new freckles, the last thing we want to do is cover our faces up! While we always applaud going barefaced to give your skin a breather, this makeup tutorial will show you just how to apply minimal makeup for a clean, fresh “no makeup” look.


Unless you have noticeably dark circles under your eyes or an unfortunate red pimple, skip the concealer and liquid foundation. Begin with a lightweight powder foundation and use a foundation brush to apply a thin layer of coverage on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Refrain from adding foundation to the bridge of your nose because most people tend to hold a darker tan there than anywhere else on the face. You also want to avoid applying any powder to your neck or chest, because you’ll lighten the tan in those areas, which is unnecessary. Grab your bronzer and bronzing brush, and apply it to the right and left corners of your forehead, cheekbones, sides of your nose, and apply a lighter coat along your jawbones. It doesn’t hurt to add a little bronzer to your neck and chest to give them some sparkle. Skip the blush because a “no makeup” look means you don’t want rosy red or hot pink cheeks. You can however add a bronze shimmer for a dewy glow.


For your eyes you’ll need your favorite mascara, a light shimmery eye shadow, and your bronzer. Start by applying a neutral shimmering eyeshadow in gold, cream, white, or something similar. Apply this shade onto your entire eyelid. Lightly dab your finger in your bronzer and apply a light layer of bronzer to the outside corners of your eyelids and right under your brow bones. Finish your eye makeup with a couple strokes of mascara on each eye.


To maintain a natural look, a simple lip balm adds a light gloss to your lips while avoiding strong colors. You can also apply a natural lipstick in a shade similar to the color of your lips. This will enhance the color without looking like you tried to hard. You can also add just a dab of vaseline on your lips for an effortless (moisturizing) glow.

With lightweight and simple face makeup, barely bronzed and shimmery eyes, and lightly-glossed lips, you can easily pull off summer’s hottest look without going completely barefaced!